Cracked heels are not only unsightly, they can be very painful and lead to infection.

Nobody needs that this summer. Take care of your feet with the best footcare products on the market.

CCS Cracked Heel Repair Balm 

Regularly using a good quality, moisturising foot cream is the best way to help prevent and relieve cracked dry heels. 

Recommended by podiatrists, CCS Cracked Heel Repair Balm is especially formulated for very dry feet and cracked heels that are in need of extra care.  

CCS Cracked Heel Repair Balm contains a high urea content (25%) and also lactic acid. Urea, a naturally occurring moisturiser in the human body, effectively softens, moisturises and improves the skin’s protective barrier to help revitalise dry cracked skin and help keep feet hydrated. CCS Heel Balm gives visible results in 3 days. 

Odylique, Calendula Balm: 

  • A cracked heel essential for your summer styling- the calendula extract is an especially potent supercritical CO2 extraction that captures the purest and fullest benefits of the plant ensuring you are ready for sandal season.
  • Designed for people with problematic skin, this soothing formulation can be used on people who suffer with psoriasis and eczema, or as an added hydrator for people with extremely cracked or dry skin.
  • 100% Natural and Organic, ingredients include, calming chamomile and raw shea and coconut. 

Cannabotech’s Deep Hydrate Cream

Cannabotech’s Deep Hydrate Cream combines pharmaceutical grade CBD with a blend of functional mushrooms (chaga, cordyceps, Reishi) to hydrate and regenerate cracked and vulnerable skin. While the mushrooms work to restore elasticity to the skin and reduce inflammation, the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the top layer of the skin to influence various biological processes such as proliferation and growth. The result is smoother and more hydrated skin. As one reviewer wrote, ‘After using this miracle, my skin feels hydrated, radiant, healthy, after only two days of use’. 

While the CBD market has remained largely under-regulated and under-researched, Cannabotech’s solutions have been developed and tested by a team of professors and doctors at the forefront of the botanical pharmaceutical sector, to create products that are scientifically designed to help manage stress and anxiety. Decades of scientific research has culminated in Cannabotech’s unique M2CBD formula, which is designed to have a supercharged effect on your skin, health and wellbeing.

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream, RRP £17.50, available from

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Treat your feet to intensive care with medicinal plant extracts, valuable botanical oils and waxes. Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream provides dry or cracked skin on the feet with long-lasting moisture while still being fast to absorb Invigorating foot care for every day and a soothing thank you for your tireless feet.

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