Whether it’s a bowl of fresh berries, a crunchy apple or a sip of cooling coconut water, there’s nothing better than a fruity treat to brighten your day.

But it turns out, fruit doesn’t just taste great and provide your body with a host of vitamins, it does wonders for your skin, hair and wellbeing too.

There’s a host of beauty brands out there getting in on the act, adding a dash of fruit extract into their formulas. We’ve rounded up some of the best fruity beauty favourites worth adding to your shopping basket.

Fruity Skincare – Berries

NEW Miller Harris Myrica Muse Eau de Parfum – £125 (100ml) /£95 (50ml)

Otherwise known as bayberry, myrica is the starring ingredient of Miller Harris’ new fragrance. Opening with an energetic burst of bayberry and strawberry, it oozes confidence with a tangle of tangerine and pink pepper. With a musky heart of rose and patchouli, these two notes have been upcycled as a by-product from the extraction of freshly harvested plants. Rooted in the simplicity of nature, every Miller Harris product uses the finest botanical ingredients derived from natural source. All products are vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes and are SLS and SLES free. 

Available from September from www.millerharris.com

Fruity Skincare – Cranberries

Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam – £19.00 (150ml)
With make-up dissolving micelles this refreshing cleanser leaves skin clean, calm and comfortable. Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam blends organic plant extracts with make-up dissolving micelles to effectively cleanse the skin. Working perfect harmony with your skin’s natural pH-balance, it leaves the face refreshingly clean, calm and dewy. Concentrated with antioxidant-rich Cranberry extracts. Juicy Apple Cellular Water leaves skin refreshed and hydrated.  Suitable for all skin types, especially acne prone and even very sensitive skin.  Available from www.greenpeople.co.uk

Fruity Skincare – Pomegranate

Wild Science Lab Night Shift Renewal Eye Serum – £30 (15ml)

Pomegranate peels are high in antioxidants and polyphenols, and they’ve been shown to treat hyperpigmentation, a condition characterized by dark patches of skin. The Wild Science Night Shift Renewal Eye Serum is a multi-action 3 in 1 serum which targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Working to refine the texture and tone of the eye contour with an innovative botanical active complex, it helps to lift, firm and brighten delicate skin. This silky eye serum contains juicy pomegranate which helps to decrease age spots and wrinkles. Available from www.wildsciencelab.com

Fruity Skincare – Coconut

Soothing Coconut Eye Balm from Peep Club – £20.00 (120ml)

Made from the highest quality coconut oil, the Soothing Coconut Eye Balm is a naturally antibacterial rich formula that soothes and nourishes the eye area, as well as protecting lashes and promoting shine and growth. It can be used as a leave-on eye lid cleanser to remove make-up or as an everyday protective balm. It’s 100% organic, unrefined, paraben/sulphate/silicone free, preservative free, vegan and fair-trade certified.
Available from www.peepclub.co.uk

Fruity Skincare – Pomelo

Fiils Pomelo Shampoo and Conditioner – £26.00 (includes 400ml shampoo and conditioner refill pouches & 2 x 400ml aluminium bottles)

Introducing the latest additions to the super sustainable, super effective fiils refillable line-up. Harnessing the power of nature, fiils only uses ingredients known for their efficacy, and Pomelo, containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is no exception. Pomelo is a citrus fruit and the principal ancestor of the grapefruit. Fiils uses Pomelo, selected especially for this new collection, due to its rejuvenating antioxidant power to help boost hair health, leaving it shinier, healthy whilst encouraging growth. With a base of Aloe Vera instead of water, these concentrated hair products, will really pack a punch, whilst their chic refillable containers, will also deserve pride of place in your bathroom. Available from www.fiils.co

Fruity Skincare – Dragonfruit

Faith in Nature Dragon Fruit Body Wash – £5.79 (400ml)

Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Dragon Fruit has a high concentration of Vitamin C and A, which makes it perfect for applying topically, and helps brighten the skin by boosting blood flow to the skin’s surface. Dragon Fruit Body Wash is infused with dragon fruit extract, to help cleanse the skin and leave it bursting with a fruity aroma. This gently cleansing body wash is paraben and SLS free and made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils.  Available from www.faithinnature.co.uk

Fruity Skincare – Guava

Dr. Organic Guava Exfoliating Face Wash – £7.49 (150ml)

Guava contains antioxidants that can protect skin from UV damage and potentially delay the signs of aging. The vitamins A and C in guava also play a role in enhancing skin firmness. Illuminate your skin and replenish after a long day, or cleanse and brighten for the day ahead, with this exfoliating face wash created with plant-based exfoliants. Organic guava is an exotic fruit, naturally rich in vitamin C, and we have used this tropical, lusciously-scented ingredient due to its dynamic nature and its unique ability to benefit the skin. Prepare yourself for a treat from the tropics. Available from www.hollandandbarrett.com

Fruity Skincare – Pineapple

Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator – £25.00 (30ml)

Pineapple extract is a natural source of vitamin C, AHAs and bromelain enzymes, to smooth and nourish the skin, for a radiant and glowing complexion. The highly active and organic Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator has a powerful three-way skin brightening action. Its unique natural formula gently removes old, hardened skin cells and improves skin smoothness and tone, plus it speeds up cell renewal, thereby enabling increased penetration of anti-ageing skincare for maximum results. High-potency enzymes from Pineapple Extract gently dissolve the protein bonds that hold excess dead and hard skin cells to the surface of the skin while Bentonite clay unblocks congested pores and gently assists in the removal of dead skin cells. Available from www.greenpeople.co.uk

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