As we all know, over time, dead skin, excess product, oil, and pollution can accumulate, leading to an irritated scalp and lacklustre locks.

Thankfully, Grow Gorgeous has a range of products designed to purify, nourish, and protect the scalp, laying the foundations for healthy hair growth. Formulations include skincare-grade active ingredients, such as Glycolic AcidPomegranate Enzymes, and Green Tea Extract, to help clarify and stimulate, for a refined and balanced scalp.

“The trend towards using serious skincare active ingredients in hair care is great news for scalp care. By including these types of ingredients, haircare formulations can be more effective at targeting scalp health as well as the appearance of hair itself” – Robin Parker, Research & Development Director, Acheson & Acheson

Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Shampoo – RRP £14.00  

Gently remove impurities and product build-up to cleanse scalp and lengths with this expertly blended anti-pollution shampoo. Green Tea Extract helps to stimulate the scalp, while Tara Tannins and Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract help protect against the harmful effects of urban pollution. 94% of users agreed it removes grease and product build-up*.

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Tonic – RRP £24.00

Stimulate your scalp and refresh your roots with this innovative leave-in tonic, expertly developed for use on damp or dry hair. Hair is left feeling strong, nourished and protected with moisture, appearing fuller and conditioned from root to tip, with 94% of users agreeing the product left their hair and scalp feeling nourished, hydrated, and moisturised**.

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Care Scalp Detox Scrub – RRP £25.00

The Scalp Detox Scrub is a Deep cleansing scalp treatment formulated to purify and refresh scalps with physical and chemical exfoliation from Bamboo particles, White Willow Bark Extract, Grapefruit Extract, and Pomegranate Enzymes. Excess sebum is balanced, causing hair to appear fresher, cleaner, and more radiant, with 91% of users agreeing it leaves their hair and scalp feeling deeply cleansed*.Meanwhile, Caffeine wakes up roots with a stimulating boost, and Amino Acids promote healthy-looking hair. To use, massage into the scalp and leave for a few moments before washing out with your preferred shampoo. Designed to be used 1-2 times per week.

Grow Gorgeous Purifying AHA 5% Booster + Prebiotic, 30ml – RRP £25.00

This scientifically proven treatment harnesses the clarifying power of Glycolic Acid, beneficial for those experiencing flakiness and product build-up, with 97% of users agreeing the product left the appearance and texture of their scalp feeling progressively refined and improved in just 2 weeks**.


·        Glycolic Acid a gentle chemical exfoliant that eliminates excess product build-up and encourages cell turnover, to help remove dead skin cells and refine the appearance of the scalp.

·        Polyfructose Extract from Chicory Roots supports a healthy scalp environment, maximising your scalps protection.

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