If the over-indulgence of Christmas has got you planning a ‘New Year, New Me’ health kick, then no doubt you’ll soon be thinking about getting your gym bag prepped and ready. 

From invigorating essential oil blends and clarifying cleansers, to soothing lotions and soaks to aid muscle recovery, these are the handy essentials that should be in everyone’s gym kits for 2022…


Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Sniff your way to a better workout with Tisserand Aromatherapy Energy Boost

You can now sniff your way to a better workout with the invigorating Energy Boost range from essential oils experts, Tisserand Aromatherapy. Containing an energising burst of grapefruit, orange and lime, a quick spritz of the Energy Boost MoodFix Mist (£11) makes for the perfect pre-workout blend, to keep your mind alert and the body stimulated. 

Available from www.tisserand.com

Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Take Manifesto Beauty Supplements to reach optimal health 

Manifesto beauty gummies (£39.90) are a new breed of beauty supplements that not only contain vitamins A, B, C, and E to boost skin radiance, strengthen hair and nails, and support hormone levels, but also antioxidants to fight inflammation and boost immunity, keeping you in optimum health for your weekly workouts. To be taken twice daily. 

Available from www.manifesto-nutrition.com


Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Rely on Sweaty Faace to help keep skin in check 

Sweaty Faace (£24) is a daily or weekly treatment that also doubles up as a primer if you’re oil-prone – AKA, a great multi-tasking hero for any gym bag. Sweaty Faace works to moisturise, soothe, tone and keep pores unclogged, loading the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants. This clever treatment helps to fight blemishes and damaging external aggressors, and gives overworked skin a much-needed refresh, all the while adding buoyancy. Essentially, it’s strength training for your skin.

Available from www.wearefaace.com

Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Pack Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Body Wash for top-to-toe cleansing

For a reinvigorating post-workout shower, treat yourself to an aromatic lather with the Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Body Wash (£5.79). The blend of zesty grapefruit and orange essential oils energising refreshes the body and leaves skin feeling soft and cleansed. Also available in a mini 100ml travel size (£2.50) to throw in your gym bag.

Available from www.faithinnature.co.uk

Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Ease tired muscles with Tisserand Aromatherapy 

Or, if a longer soak is what your muscles are calling out for, why not add a dash of Tisserand Aromatherapy Muscle Ease Bath Oil (£11) to your bath, to soothe and revive overworked bodies and joints. This warming blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of invigorating Ginger, refreshing Lemongrass and uplifting Rosemary to help support a tired body and mind. 

Gym Bag Essentials for 2022 – Soothe & rehydrate post-workout skin with fiils Coconut Hand & Body Lotion

To help rehydrate your skin after a sweaty workout, the fiils Coconut Hand & Body Lotion (£12) is made with 99% natural and organic ingredients, to soothe your skin, infuse it with moisture and nourish your senses. Simply apply a generous amount all over your body and enjoy a few moments of well-earned calm as you massage it into your skin.

Available from www.fiils.co

Why is skincare so important?

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