“One trend doing the rounds is the DIY ‘Butterfly Haircut’, first shared by Brad Mondo on TikTok in October. 

“The video, which now has 21.2 million views, reveals how to get ‘Voluminous. Layered. Sexy’ hair. First, the user sections the hair by making a straight line across the head behind each ear and puts the front section in a ponytail. 

“Next, he puts the back section into a high ‘Ariana Grande style’ ponytail and cuts off ‘a good amount of hair’ from the front and back sections, explaining that you won’t see results unless you cut a lot off. He explains that he cuts four sections off the front and the back for the most visible results.

“After this, Brad puts the hair down to show off the face-framing and tells followers to ‘connect the sides’ as he trims around the back sections. 

“Finally, he instructs fans to smooth it with Viper Smoothing Oil and blow dry it out. The result – a mannequin head with a choppy-layered messy haircut with short, face-framing curtain bangs.

“The trend now has over 20 million hashtags on TikTok and was predicted to be the number one hair trend of 2023.

“While some users have had success with doing the cut themselves, it can lead to disastrous results, with one usercutting her fringe super short and left horrified by the results. 

“And while many Brits might be struggling amid the cost-of-living crisis, doing this type of hairstyle yourself isn’t safe and could end badly.


“Well, if not performed perfectly, you could end up with a fringe that’s too short for your face and waiting for it to grow out could take a few months. 

“Additionally, cutting in layers is a very skilled method of hairdressing that requires meticulous attention to detail. Layers need to be cut in to look seamless and blend in with your hair, but cutting directly across the ponytail will make them look blocky, especially if you have straight, fine hair.

“Plus, have you ever seen your hairstylist create layers or dimension by just cutting directly across? No, they subtly undercut to enhance the texture on the ends and keep them from appearing too thick.

“And finally, not only will an expert be trained in performing haircuts on several different hair types and textures, but they will be able to judge how it looks throughout the process. This is much better than cutting it yourself with little to no experience and seeing the final results once it’s too late.

“So, how can you achieve the butterfly haircut?

“First thing’s first – visit a professional stylist! Visiting a hairstylist first will save you money in the long run, as it’s likely to be more costly to correct bad DIY cuts and colours, not to mention annoying for the stylist.

“The stylist will be able to advise you on the best layers for your hair type and face shape and eliminate the guesswork of doing it yourself.

“Take inspirational pictures with you (Matilda Jerf, Jenna Ortega etc.) and explain how you want a combination of short layers to frame your face, as well as long layers to add dimension and body throughout your locks.

“The haircut should combine short and long layers, where the top can be separated from the bottom and pinned under to give the illusion of short hair. Essentially, it’s great for those considering short hair who aren’t quite ready to make the chop.

“However, this look could require a bit of maintenance and upkeep if you want your layers to continue looking choppy and maintained, so if you prefer to wait long periods between haircuts, this look probably isn’t for you.

“And remember, just because you see something on TikTok doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to try at home. Always ask a professional first for advice and/or help to get the look you’re after.”

Comments by Hair Expert Nicole Petty at Milk + Blush

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