And, according to Google, searches for ‘Mother’s Day perfume’ are up 643 percent in the last week alone, suggesting another spike in perfume sales is upon us.

But how do you choose the right one?

Mother's Day Perfume

Steve Brownett Gale of Lifestyle Packaging, who work closely with brands to deliver custom perfume packaging, reveals insider tips and tricks on picking the best fragrance for your mum…

1.    Know their preferences

When it comes to fragrances, not everyone’s got the same taste. People are attracted to different scent profiles or olfactive families – floral, woody, oriental and fresh.

Before shopping, see which perfumes your mum already owns and take a mental note or write down which elements it contains. 

Alternatively, think about what strong smells they enjoy, such as chocolate, vanilla, freshly cut grass or spices.

Going fragrance shopping armed with information about your mum’s preferences will make it easier for you to narrow down scents that will be right.

2.    Ask for samples

Before committing to a fragrance, it’s always best to take home some samples, rather than paper testers – as these will give you a better idea of how it will smell on the person.

That’s because when putting perfume on, its layers evaporate at different rates. For example, the top notes reveal themselves instantly, followed by the heart notes after around an hour and the base notes after four to five hours.

Additionally, fragrances react to people’s skin and body chemistry differently. This can be due to skin type, hormones, pH balance, sebum production, diet and personal lifestyle.

So, grab some samples and test them on your mum before taking the plunge. It might not be much of a surprise, but they’ll thank you when they receive a perfume they love.

3.    Double-check the meaning behind the scent

Mother's Day Perfume

Like tastes, people often associate certain smells with feelings, experiences or memories – with studies revealing people can recognise approximately 10,000 different odours and recall them with 65 percent accuracy even after a year.

Before picking a perfume off the shelf, consider what you associate with each scent and how you’d like your mum to feel while wearing it.

For example, scents such as lavender, eucalyptus and jasmine are spa-like and relaxing; rosemary, lemon and peppermint are clean and energising scents that help you focus, while vanilla and freshly cut grass can spark joy and make you feel happier.

4.    Consider the occasion and fragrance longevity

Think about where your mum is likely to wear this scent – is it an everyday scent they’re after, or will this be for a special occasion? This will determine the scent profile you go for and the strength.

Vanilla or floral scents are more subtle, so best for occasions like going to the shops, running errands and work, while bergamot is more intense and best for evenings out or date nights.

The perfume’s strength might also be something to consider, too. Fragrances with higher concentration, like parfum and eau de parfum are stronger and more expensive, lasting for six to eight hours and five to six hours, respectively. On the other hand, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and eau fraiche are weaker and more affordable options, lasting for four to five hours, two to three hours and one to two hours each.

Mother's Day Perfume

5.    Choose its formation wisely

You’ve done all the hard work to choose the perfume, but now, remember to pick the right-sized bottle.

As perfume packaging manufacturers, we offer a selection of shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

A 100ml cylinder or rectangle high-quality glass bottle will last a while, whereas a 10ml glass rollette bottle is the perfect size for a handbag while on the go.

6.    Make it last longer

Due to inflation, the price of fragrances has increased by 7 percent, so with purses a little tighter this year, many will likely be looking to maximise the longevity of gifted scents. 

So, how can your mum make it last?

–       After showering, apply a moisturising version of your perfume 

–       Apply Vaseline to the pulse points before spritzing 

–       Store your fragrance in a cool and dry place 

–       Don’t rub your wrists

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