Scandi Style is being fast adopted in the UK whether its interiors, style or beauty trends. As well as fresh, clean and simple aesthetics, Brits are also obsessed with some of the wellness concepts that the Nords adopt, which feed into their slower paced, and more relaxed lifestyles. Leading Danish beauty band Urtekram is here to demystifying some of these concepts, and recommend some of its all natural beauty products to help suit the mood.


Probably the first Nordic buzz word that became recognised in the UK, The Danish concept Hygge(pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is known for embracing all things cosy. Think wool blankets, lots of comfy cushions, scented candles and clean, neutral tones.

Scent to fit the mood: Start Over Range, Sweet Ginger Flower

Aesthetically, this earthy neutral range provides a calming feel to any home. The scent is refreshing flowery Sweet Ginger Flower, a crispy sweet scent full of life and freshness. The Sweet Ginger Flower combines the warmth of ginger with delicate floral notes, creating a fragrance that invigorates the senses and leaves a lasting imprint on the memory.

Experience that smooth and soft feeling on your skin with Urtekram Nordic Beauty and enjoy conditioning ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and natural oils.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99), Body Lotion (£7.60), Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (£6.75), Anti-Dandruff Conditioner (£6.35) 

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A Norwegian concept meaning ‘cosiness’, this concept can be adapted a little more to the colder, darker months. Cosy additions like fairy lights, open fires, hot chocolates, and vibrant warm colours. Deeper than just cosy, Kos also represents safety and security.

Scent to fit the mood: Rise and Shine Range, Spicy range Blossom

Rise and shine with the harmony of Spicy Orange Blossom, refreshing beauty care with a scent of orange blossoms perfectly balanced by warm spices. Experience the allure of the exotic with the Spicy Orange Blossom scent. The combination of zesty orange and subtle spice creates a captivating fragrance that stimulates the mind and awakens memories of sun-kissed orchards.

Nourishing and caring ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid help to moisturise and hydrate the skin, leaving it pampered and soft.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Ultimate Repair Shampoo (£6.75), Ultimate Repair Conditioner (£6.35) 

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A Swedish concept dating back as far as the Viking times, Lagom (pronounced law-gom) is all about simplicity and roughly translates to ‘not too much, not too little’. The beauty of Lagom is taking simple everyday pleasures and turning them into luxury. Imagine writing a gratitude list in your most favourite spot, with your best loved drink and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells around you.

Scent to fit the mood: Tune In: Soothing Lavender

One of beauty’s most nostalgic, and timeless scents is Lavender. Loved by all ages, and always coming back in popularity, Lavender is calming, and subtle, evoking peace and tranquillity. Acknowledging how this simple plant can exude such feelings of calm and tranquillity, is the essence of Lagom.  Known for its calming properties, this scent is a journey through fields of lavender in full bloom, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, together with soothing willow bark extract and hyaluronic acid, help condition and hydrate the skin.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99), Body Lotion (£7.60), Maximum Shine Shampoo (£6.75), Maximum Shine Conditioner (£6.35)

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The concept of friluftsliv (pronounced Free-Loofs-Leaf), roughly translates to ‘open-air living,’ which is huge part of Nordic lifestyle. Friluftsliv supports the human desire for uplifting experiences whether that be a simple walk, a countryside run, foraging, and more.  A vital part of the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv is cooking and eating outdoors whilst being with others.

Scent to fit the moodBlown Away – Wild Lemongrass Range

Using aromatic and flavourful ingredients in our food as well as our skincare, the uplifting scent of natural wild lemongrass and citrus aims to bring a fresh Nordic experience to both body and mind.

Infused with caring and replenishing ingredients, the range includes nourishing aloe vera, hydrating shea butter and provides a moisture surge with hyaluronic acid. The collection also contains organic essential oils including lemongrass, sweet orange, olive, jojoba, apricot and almond for their uplifting and mood-boosting properties.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Moisture Surge Shampoo (£6.75), Moisture Surge Conditioner (£6.35) 

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Dugnad is all about creating meaningful experiences and relationships with others, and the warm rewarding feeling we get from doing so. Traditionally, it would involve finishing large tasks around the farm and fisheries and then conclude with a celebratory meal, but today, dugnad can mean maintenance work, spring cleaning, building projects, refurbishing projects, gardening, and raising money and support for local, national and international causes. This in turn makes people feel good – that they are part of the solution making the world a better place. It’s also an opportunity to make closer social connections, and participating can lead to better self-esteem and learning new skills.

Scent to fit the moodDate to Dream: Soft Wild Rose

Traditionally known as the scent of love, the timeless elegance of wild roses evokes memories of serene garden strolls and romantic sunsets. This scent is a testament to the power of human connection, and creating lasting and meaningful memories.

Get that silky-soft feeling with beauty care and pamper skin with conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter and protect coloured hair with blue seakale.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Colour Preserve Shampoo (£6.75), Colour Preserve Conditioner (£6.35) 

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The Urtekram ranges can be purchased Online including, Urtekram Amazon ShopSuperdrug, Wholefoods Market & Independent Health Stores

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