It turns out that you don’t need to shell out lots of money at an expensive retreat to experience the spa day of your dreams.

With household budgets getting tighter as the winter rolls in, some of us might be trying to cut back on such luxuries. However, the benefits we receive from a spa day are unparalleled.

That’s why some people are creating their own spas at home. Depending on what you want from your experience, you can tailor your spa day however you see fit in order to feel refreshed and revived for the outside world. Here’s how!

Preparation is key
Spa days are your time to relax and unwind without any distractions. In today’s world, that kind of time is hard to come by, especially if you have kids, noisy housemates or a boss who emails you out of working hours.

So, pick a time when you’re off work and everyone is out of the house and dedicate that time to your spa day. You’d be surprised how much preparation this requires!

Create the perfect atmosphere

Make your house as relaxing as possible. This will probably mean cleaning and tidying in order to keep stress at bay. As soon as you know when you’re going to have your spa day, set about making the house as clean and cosy as possible, removing excess clutter and making sure the house reflects how you want to feel.

Once everything is clean and tidy, make it cosy! If it’s nice weather, dedicate some time to being outside and reconnecting with nature. As it gets darker, bring out some scented candles, some comfy throws and add some fairy lights to the space to give it a warm, welcoming feel.

Picking your products

Rejuvenate your body and take care of often-neglected parts during your at-home spa day. Fully immerse yourself into the experience with a dry-brushing session, using a bath brush to gently stimulate blood flow around your feet, arms and back.

Once in the bath, apply an organic face mask that won’t dry out your skin with harmful chemicals. Consider making your own with natural ingredients like matcha and honey for the ultimate homemade skincare. Then, make your bath more special with a bath bomb or bath salts and let them work their magic.

When choosing your products, less is more. Choose a few very good quality products that will protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Keep the spa day going after your treatments

Enjoy your spa day to the fullest by donning your comfiest pair of pyjamas and settling down with a book or movie after all your treatments. After all, who knows when you’ll get this kind of time again?

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