Japan is fascinating from many perspectives, but mainly because of those customs and traditions that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Japanese routine is the result of an interesting combination of advanced technology and ancient customs, a formula that simplifies life and increases lifespan.

Health without drugs? Definitely! How do the Japanese teach us to live right? What are the secrets that help the Japanese enjoy longevity and keep away the drugs?

Everything starts with food

japanese healthEating a high-nutrient diet is a golden rule from which the Japanese do not compromise. Green tea, tofu, vegetables, rice and fish are the mainstays of the Japanese diet. Beyond the quality of nutrition, equally important are the portion sizes the Japanese stick to in order to protect the functioning of their internal organs. Their habit is to eat small portions of steamed or grilled food and they know that food must be enjoyed in small bites for good digestion.

Disciplining the mind in the fight against stressors

The Japanese are famous for both their typical physical activity routine and traditional mind-calming practices. The best-known ways in which the Japanese purify their energies are shiatsu massage, meditation and Japanese bathing. Discover the benefits of traditional Japanese massage techniques with Fujiiryoki.co.uk! The combination of these habits forms an ideal routine for calming the spirit, eliminating muscular stress, relieving physical aches and pains and raising overall tone.

Sport is not compulsory, but movement is

A health-oriented lifestyle cannot exclude the importance of physical activity. The Japanese have a specific sports discipline involving moderate-intensity exercise, from yoga, tai chi or qigong to nature activities or cycling.

Human relationships are important, but their quality is vital

Building interpersonal relationships are considered vital to mental health. Cherry blossom celebrations, tea dates, and stories over a glass of good-quality alcohol are the most popular contexts that offer people the opportunity to form and maintain connections with those close to them.

Sleep is not a waste of time

The Japanese also have great respect for the role sleep plays in people’s lives. But not just any kind of rest, but a routine based on ancient practices that promote rest for quality living. The Japanese use exercises to relax the body and mind, ensuring uninterrupted sleep. This routine includes yoga exercises, relaxation massage, meditation or eating hot soup made from rice.

Japanese culture demonstrates the following: a health-first lifestyle is based on habits of simplicity, from the quality of food, the importance of sleep, moderate physical activity and the role of social relationships in emotional balance. Implement Japanese habits into your mental, and physical detox routine and watch yourself enjoy an excellent tone that helps your immune system protect your body against stressors.

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