International Happiness Day 2023 – Seasoned Wellness Experts Share What Makes Them Happy & Give Their Top Tips for Living A Happy Life

On International Happiness Day we are all invited take some time to reflect on whether we are happy, but does happy really have a true definition? Happiness is unique and personal to us all. For some happiness is a place or a person, and for some it is a state of mind. 

To celebrate International Happiness Day, and feeling happy everyday too, we’ve compiled a series of quotes from 5 professionals from wellness and healthy ageing platform Goldster on what happiness means to them, truly showcasing that happiness takes many forms.

Each expert has also provided their top tip, based on both their life experiences and profession, on how they would encourage others to embrace happiness.

International Happiness Day 2023

Dame Zandra Rhodes – Iconic British Fashion Designer

“I get such joy so quickly out of drawing. I find my mood can change within seconds when I am with my Japanese paper sketchbook and Tombow pens – it’s my remedy. I have been lucky enough to join Goldster and hold drawing classes with their fabulous subscribers – it really is tonic to sit and draw with a class, it’s a special little peak into my life and design processes.”

Zandra’s Top Tip: “Embrace your creative side and make time to explore your interests and imagination, you’ll be surprised what amazing surprises it holds. Even better, engage with a community of like-minded people who can share in your interests and undergo activities such as drawing, painting and designing with you!”

Kathryn temple – International Success & Happiness Psychologist

“For me Happiness is characterised by a feeling of joy and a sense of fulfilment with my life. I love the joy of living on purpose, using my gifts, skills and talents in a way that makes a real difference in the world and brings joy to others. I love connecting with my family and friends, sharing time together, enriching each other, laughing together, eating together, simple pleasures. The combination of meaningful relationships, and meaningful work, is what brings me the greatest Happiness. “

Kath’s Top Tip: “Be Kind. Be Grateful. Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude. Make a positive difference with who you are BEING each day, as well as with what you are doing. Find your Joy on a daily basis and keep bringing more joy into your own life and the lives of others.”

International Happiness Day 2023

Anna Campkin – life coach, NLP practitioner and theatre actress previously starring in CATS the musical

“Happiness for me is about being content in my life. I find it in the small joys and the big excitements. In those quiet moments of solitude, or curled up on the sofa with a friend, and those adventures where you make new discoveries. For me it is all about balance and staying recharged, by creativity and the hobbies I enjoy, by connection and spending time with those I love, by compassion and giving myself time to be me and by crusading towards my dreams with passion and determination! “

Anna’s Top Tip: “Embrace who you are, as you are, in the moment you are in. This acceptance can be calming and allow you to enjoy the moment and find the maximum joy in it. When we allow ourselves to see the beauty in the mundane we increase our resilience and we also open our capacity for hope, joy and happiness.”

James Hilton – ex sales & marketing professional turned personal trainer and nutritional advisor

“Happiness to me is my family. Playing cars with my son, cuddling my new born or laughing with my partner. It’s also exercising and moving my body, a challenging ride on my bike. Alongside these, happiness is a letting go of all the things that could easily be bogging me down in the moment and simply being present to what’s in front of me. It is a choice to find delight in the moment including the times that may not always feel delightful.”

James’ Top Tips: “I spent over a decade doing something that brought me little joy. If something isn’t working out, take the time to understand it and do what you can to make a positive change. In the grand scheme of things, we are only on this planet for a short time and therefore need to spend what time we have very wisely.”

International Happiness Day 2023

“Try not to focus too much on the future. While having goals and a plan can sometimes be helpful, focusing on one day at a time and doing your best at that moment is far more productive. Life rarely goes exactly as planned; in times of hardship, try to think about the bigger picture because, for the best part, everything will always work out in the end.”

Lee Pycroft – psychotherapist and makeup artist to celebrtities including Gwyneth Paltrow

Much of happiness comes from an emotional state I’ve learnt to cultivate overtime. It consists of happiness-boosting skills that are related to self – confidence, managing stress, positivity and resilience- all of which help maintain a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. Self- confidence comes from a trust in my skills and abilities and that no matter what is happening I will be ok and can surf any feelings of uncertainty. Resilience is the ability to bounce back and while acknowledging difficult, strong emotions, not dwelling there. “

Lee’s Top Tip: “Be self-aware and observe your behaviours and emotional states. When I do this I can work out any patterns that may be disrupting times I could be  embracing in a happy moment and learn to move with the ebb and flow of feeling happy.”

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