Launching 7th March 2023: Founders Hilary Metcalfe and Anna Cave-Bigley experienced their fair share of hormonal issues, from migraines and painful periods to infertility and postpartum depression.

They discovered they are not alone and that around 80% of women experience a disruptive hormonal imbalance in their lifetime and as little as 10% of women understand the root causes of their issues.

Convinced women need better solutions, they set out to create the offering they wished they’d had; information, guidance and all natural products that leverage the power of nature for hormonal balancing and recovery. 

The SABI’s plant-based skincare and intensive herbal infusions incorporate ancient wisdom, adaptogens and dermal prebiotics to nurture the dermal microbiome and to support hormonal balance and recovery in key moments like postpartum, burnout and painful periods. They are medically vetted and approved by an ObGyn, Dermatologist and Microbiologist and free from any chemicals, preservatives or endocrine disruptors that negatively impact hormonal balance. 

Hormonal and Proud

Hormones are essential to our health. They regulate fertility, reproduction, sleep, body temperature, metabolism and mood. They have the power to make us feel amazing, in love and energised or tired, hot-flushed, moody, weepy and depressed. 

Women have the unique ability to connect with their bodies through their hormonal cycles and functions, which makes hormones worth understanding, appreciating and balancing. Founder Hilary Metcalfe says, “It’s not about surviving your hormones anymore, it’s about thriving. I think most women have been called hormonal in a negative way, but we want to change that narrative. Yes we are hormonal, and proud!” 

Female Focused

The SABI’s launch collection of holistic skincare and powerful herbal infusions support the healing and re-balancing of the body after birth, during breastfeeding, through periods of hormonal imbalance and burnout.  

The launch collection  hits the market on 7th March 2023, and includes the following products:

Face & Space MistSABI’s signature REVIVE blend delivers a soothing, skin-plumping and natural fatigue-fighting blend of botanicals when you need it most. Designed to refresh tired and stressed out skin, this unique infusion boosts hydration, reduces redness and balances the skin’s natural barrier. Contains skin-tightening marine compounds, chamomile and calendula. 

Active Nutrient Serum: A light and silky brightening serum, full of antioxidants, skin firming seaweeds and botanical extracts to balance skin tone, enhance radiance and improve elasticity. Contains shea butter, aloe vera and macadamia for moisturising, and ayurvedic brahmi, water hyssop and nipplewort for powerful anti-aging properties. Use morning and evening after cleansing. 

Prebiotic Body Moisturiser: This prebiotic, anti-aging and antioxidant body cream delivers a botanical powerhouse to balance and boost dry, dull, and stressed-out skin. Rich moisture from macadamia, almond and shea butter. Active nutritive properties from dermal prebiotics. Anti-aging properties from sea buckthorn and potent marine compounds. Full spectrum omega-essential fatty acids. 

Herbata infusions: Nourishing herbal infusions for hormonal balancing. ‘Calming’ with lavender, chamomile, lemon balm and oat straw to bring peace and serenity. ‘Mama Recover’ to support the body in recovery after birth, brimming with botanicals and adaptogens. ‘Breastfeeding’ to soothe the mind and body with a blend of cardamom, fennel and cinnamon to gently spice you up, without the caffeine. 

Caring For Bleached Hair

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