Kaya: The brand helping to combat stress and anxiety in the most revolutionary of ways

Let’s stop with the ‘New Year, New Me’, and instead, focus on ways we can treat ourselves better without setting unattainable milestones. 

This year, why not focus on your wellbeing – on looking after yourself, on treating yourself with care, and on focusing on what your body needs. Let’s listen to our needs, instead of focusing on what ‘needs’ to change. 

Introducing Kaya – the CBD brand offering a range of self-care options, from Sweet Dreams capsules, to oils, gummy bears, chewing gum and even boxes to treat yourself to the full range of products. 

What we love about Kaya is how different they are to other CBD brands on the market – their products are simple yet fast-acting. Take the gummy bears, for example. They are made to look like your standard cute gummy bears, except they’re perfectly formed to combine CBD, 5-HTP, plus 10 vitamins and two minerals to help quickly when stress hits. 

CBD is known to help a range of things, from stress and anxiety, to targeting inflammatory pain, to helping with restless nights. And Kaya can help with all of this. 

Kaya’s CBD chewing gum is fantastic. Their Great Taste Award-Winning plastic-free chewing gum is a definite hit with their customers, and it’s the perfect pocket-sized way to carry CBD in its ideal quantity to help with moments of stress. 

Another best seller is the Sweet Dreams range. Lack of sleep can cause a huge amount of stress and anxiety. In fact, lack of sleep can impact all areas of life; turning into a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. 

Kaya has seen more and more customers coming to them during the pandemic, increasingly with sleep issues. Their Sweet Dreams capsules and oils are there to help settle the mind at night, and help you to fall asleep and actually *stay asleep*, because broken sleep sucks, right? 

While CBD often gets a bad rep, Kaya is here to change this – mixing a combination of CBD and well-known Adaptogenic plants to help you to rediscover calm and restful nights, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. 

And if you’re looking for CBD wellness all in one, well, Kaya even offers that, too. 

The brand says: “Boxes are a great way to discover a full range of products targeting a specific need and give you the opportunity to find the best product for you.” 

It’s the unconventional way to gift a friend or to treat yourself – with boxes full of revolutionary products. And with a huge focus on wellness this January, gifting yourself a box of products that are actually going to help you to target areas that are negatively impacting your life, could be the perfect first step into discovering true self-care. 

Kaya is a super friendly and approachable brand, founded by five entrepreneurs all leading stressful lives. 

They wanted to use CBD and Adaptogenic plants to help people to de-stress and feel lighter, naturally. 

Their in-house pharmacist Alison has studied plants for years, and has used her extensive knowledge in botany to combine Adaptogenic plants with CBD, to create the perfect range of products that help fight the effects of stress and naturally boosts our wellbeing. 

Customers love Kaya – particularly Sweet Dreams. They sleep soundly, and have even said they’ve slept better than they have ‘in years’. 

Another noted that Kaya’s products have helped them to sleep better and for longer, totally uninterrupted. 

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