VERDILAB is a conscious and sustainable brand, created by a third generation medical doctor, who passionately believes in the transformational superpower of pure, natural ingredients combined with science.

Founder, Victoria Neyman worked alongside her father, a professor of immunology and allergology, and based upon his revolutionary discovery of unique properties found in RNA molecules, Victoria was herself inspired to create ImmunatuRNA® which provides natural and powerful protection from damaging free radicals, while significantly accelerating the skin’s regenerative abilities and stimulating skin cells. The results are transformative. 

“It is with great pride and excitement that we introduce you to VERDILAB, which is a collection of high-tech, 100% natural, Swiss skincare.  Driven by the effects of nature and science combined, VERDILAB is powered by ImmunatuRNA®, VERDILAB’s cutting edge, patent-pending signature complex which supports the natural immunity of the skin. No matter your age or skin concerns, it’s my belief that everyone deserves, and can achieve, a healthy, glowing, more youthful complexion”.

“Verdilab is my personal contribution for the betterment of the health of our skin and our planet”. 

Victoria Neyman, VERDILAB Founder 

Formulas are packed full of ultra-rich, high-grade active, and ethically sourced ingredients including natural acids, microelements, various types of algae, plant stem cells, and rare marine plant extracts and minerals. Always avoiding the use of water as a solvent and instead use organic algae serum, floral and herbal waters which provide the skin with beneficial nutrients. Natural fragrances are allergen free. To date, we use glass containers, avoiding plastics in packaging as much as possible, while looking at ways to improve where we can.


A brightening and revitalising treatment, perfect for dull, uneven skin with fine lines and wrinkles. A stable form of natural Vitamin C and Azelaic acid in combination with over 25 superior Marine and Botanical actives. This range energises and firms the skin, moisturises and illuminates a dull complexion, reducing visibility of wrinkles, to offer a healthy and radiant lit from within complexion. 

Ultimate Lightening Vitamin C Eye Elixir – 15ml /£80 

A luxurious, illuminating and anti-aging treatment created to support the ultra-demanding area around the eyes and effectively target fine lines and dark circles. It protects against oxidative stress, reinforcing skin barrier functions and promoting an immediately luminous and rejuvenated look.

Natural Glow Vitamin C Brightening Cream – 50ml / £110 

A superior antioxidizing, brightening and moisturising care to tackle urban environmental aggressors and provide hydration with an immediate glow, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, fighting against the signs of premature skin aging and preventing loss of luminosity.

Luminosity Boosting Vitamin C Revitalising Mask – 50ml / £93 

An exceptional, natural and effective anti-oxidizing and skin plumping face treatment that provides a triple action for your skin – it ensures multi-level hydration, stimulates cellular renewal and acts as wrinkle filler to prevent visible signs of aging. Used as an overnight mask, it brings true relaxation to your skin, creating a fresh, radiant and healthy glow.

Radiance Power Vitamin C Cellular Serum – 30ml / £105 

An innovative 100% natural flash skin perfector to revitalise the skin with just one application! It instantly energises and firms the skin, visibly soothes signs of fatigue and restores skin’s original glow.

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