The annual UK heatwave is here, it’s scorching outside and it’s not pretty.

Read on to find out our top tips from beauty experts and MUA’s on how to sweat-proof your makeup this summer.

  1. Clean skin is in

If you’re not a fan of using foundation or you’re just waiting to take a break, then you’re in luck. Polished, clean skin is set to be the look of the summer. 

“Keep skin bare or add a touch of tinted moisturiser for a fresh, glowy look,” adds Lead Stylist at HD Brows, Jamie Long. “Team with a touch of mascara and a little splash of shimmer for a relaxed look that’s super quick and easy to achieve.”

“If you still feel you need coverage during summer, but don’t want it too heavy, we recommend using a blusher brush for foundation application. Mix your usual foundation with a dab of moisturiser on the back of your hand and dip the very ends of the brush into the mix. Holding the end of the brush, buff the product from the centre of the face out in circular motions for a soft airbrushed effect. This brush can then be used to add powder and set your makeup.”

  1. Skincare is essential

You may or may not want to spend your summer reaching for the makeup bag every day. But if you do, exfoliating and moisturising is essential in the heat.

“Taking a break from the heavy glam allows the skin to replenish its natural moisture level.” adds Jamie Long. 

Ex Love-islander Kaz Kamwi proved that skincare is key when she revealed that she uses No7 Hydra Luminous Day Cream every morning in the summer for a glowing look. She went on to explain that “’It’s lightweight, oil-free and doesn’t leave a white cast. I feel like people underrate the importance of using SPF.”

  1. Take care of your lashes

Debbie Law, International lash trainer at leading brand, Nouveau Lashes, explained that, “If you’ve had a lash treatment and you’re making the most of a temporary pool or heading off on your own summer holiday, you can get in the pool and shower as usual. When showering, try not to stand directly under the shower head with your face up as the pressure can damage treatments or extensions. 

For all the women who can’t go a day without their beautiful eyelash extensions and are wondering to know if they can swim with eyelash extensions in the pool, the answer is a resounding yes. By waiting for 24-48 hours before diving in, you can ensure the wellness of your lashes. However, if you wish to make your eyelashes last even longer during swimming sessions there are a few things to keep in mind. To start, always remember to wear goggles – this can help protect from the chlorine that can rest on the surface of skin and lashes. Additionally, it’s important not to rub or scrub your eyes as this can damage extensions. If you plan on getting some sun make sure you are careful with sunscreen as well; oil-based sunscreen can repeatedly weaken your grip and deteriorate the entire lash look. Furthermore, try avoiding excessive diving (as much fun as it may be). With these simple tips, enjoy those pool days. 

“Hair drying your lashes may not be the best idea either, instead you should lightly pat around the area with a towel. Good quality lash extensions are made from synthetic materials, which hold their curl and shape even when they get wet, so aside from a quick brush through with a spoolie to keep them in check, you really don’t need to think about drying and styling them – the excess heat can actually cause more damage.”

“At the end of the night, it’s best to use oil-free make-up remover to avoid damaging the lashes.” 

  1. Faux Tan and bronzer

Whilst moderate and safe sun exposure has some health benefits, using faux tan is a great alternative to exposing yourself to long-term skin damage and risking sunburn.

So if you’re making the most of the rays in your garden or heading abroad, fake tan can give you that summer glow. Especially if you struggle to get a natural bronze. Moisturising on top of this is key to keeping your skin hydrated, and stopping your fake tan from going patchy or fading too fast.

This summer, we’re also fading away from the contouring trend and making way for the bronzed look. Putting a dust of bronzer over the cheekbones not only accentuates your features, but it adds that freshly sun-kissed glow. 

  1. Great brows are key

Anyone who’s hoping for perfect brows over the heatwave should know that UV rays and chemicals like chlorine can impact the retention of treatments such as a tint. Make sure to use the right aftercare, such as a Tint Lock Serum to counteract those effects. 

“Not only does it coat the hairs to reduce the impact of the sun, it also works to improve hair condition overall, leaving you with fresher, fuller brows for longer,” says Brow Stylist Jamie Long.

Molly Mae recently shared how she uses the HD Brows Brow Glue, a clear brow gel that is perfect for those long days in the sun – simply brush and go.

“I just push the product through my brows and I really do find that they literally don’t move all day. I’m absolutely obsessed with this product, I really like it. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t want to have your eyebrows looking too finished.”

  1. Permanent Makeup

If you simply can’t resist a bit of glam, getting your makeup to stay in place during the summer heat can be tricky. Love Island 2021 winner, Millie Court, recently talked about having her brows permanently fixed with a form of microblading. 

Karen Betts, Founder of Leading permanent makeup brand, KB Pro, adds, “Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing where a hand held tool is used to implant pigment into the skin. Shading techniques can be used with a Microblade to create an Ombre Brow effect.”

2022 has seen rise in popularity of permanent makeup, with the likes of Adele, Rihanna and Kim K opting for treatments. With lip blush treatments, permanent eyeliner and contour taking over the beauty scene, permanent makeup is a great solution to your makeup sweating right off!

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