Dr Sabika Karim explains how treating just one area with filler is now becoming uncommon – holistic treatment achieves youthful proportions

Dr Sabika Karim, founder and specialist aesthetic doctor of Skin Medical describes her dynamic approach to achieving a refreshed, more youthful look with MaiLi, a new HA filler from Sinclair Pharma.  

“For my patients, I think a holistic approach is key. Since ageing happens over the whole face, we start at the top and work our way down. Each area has a knock-on impact on the next. Revolumising the temples will soften the face and give lift. Enhancing cheekbones will directly impact the jawline and soften laugh lines. Lifting the apples of the cheek will help hollow eyes and soften laugh lines and marionettes. The face needs to be optimised and balanced, so all the areas work in harmony.”  

Dr Sabika continues “Gone are the days when fillers were used to fill lines, or just treat one area. Nowadays, fillers are used to balance and enhance faces to sculpt, lift, enhance and restore youthful proportions. It’s much more intricate and artistic than big cheeks and big lips.  We know that the face is dynamic and changing one area directly impacts the face as a whole.”

We asked Dr Sabika when using MaiLi, which areas of the face would she treat to provide the most impact, in terms of natural looking anti-ageing.

The eyes

“Periorbital hollowing, caused by bone shrinkage of the eye sockets as you age, gives the appearance of sunken eyes, which give the face a ‘tired’ look. Loss of volume can also cause eye bags to appear much worse as they reflect the light, whilst the sunken socket absorbs light and makes the under eye area look dark. Replacing lost volume in this area makes the eyes look less tired and hollow and makes the under eye area look brighter resulting in a more youthful and fresher appearance.”

Dr Sabika continues “The peri-ocular area is often one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. MaiLi Precise is licensed for treatment of the tear trough area under the eyes. This treatment, in the right hands, can provide a very natural and effective result. That’s because the MaiLi is manufactured in an oxygen free environment which preserves the hyaluronic acid, so there are lots of natural crosslinks (bonds) in the gel giving rise to a more dynamic soft filler with a powerful lifting capacity. Treatment of the tear trough doesn’t just improve the hollowing; it also has a knock on impact on the light reflectivity by stretching the skin out there are less wrinkles so the area appears brighter.”

The temples

“As we age the shape of our face changes. A loss of volume due to changes in the bones and soft tissues can give rise to temporal hollowing resulting in a skeletal appearance, making us look aged and tired. Replacing volume in the temple can reverse this hollow appearance creating a softer, fresher more youthful look not only in the treatment area, but globally on the face as it has a knock on impact raising the bows a little, the cheeks and even cascading down to a lift in the jawline.” 

The chin

“One of my favourite areas to treat is… the chin! Augmenting the chin can help balance facial proportions, elongate the face if needed, contribute to the V shape, improve the jawline and decrease the appearance of submental fullness (the double chin). All that from one tiny injection.  MaiLi helps rejuvenate, contour and sculpt the face and can address all three of these areas by acting like soft, flexible and elastic skin tissue, working with the face’s natural movement and expression. This means you will experience soft and supple skin, compared with more rigid or restrictive fillers.”

MaiLi has a spring-like effect because of a new patented Smart Spring Science technology. The world first preserves the natural entanglements between the long HA chains, which means fewer chemical links are needed. This creates a bouncy gel, which allows for natural movement, volume, and longevity. MaiLi is also synonymous with safety (and like all the products in the Sinclair portfolio of products it has an exemplary safety record), and uses lidocaine for a more comfortable experience for patients. 

MaiLi follows the lineage established by medical aesthetics company Sinclair Pharma which also boasts Ellansé, the first collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face, in its treatment portfolio; as well as the recently launched Lanluma collagen dermal filler for the body and face; and Silhouette Soft, its unique cone threaded sutures for non-surgical skin lifting. 

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