Similar to how you would mix your favourite drinks to create a beautiful concoction such as a Sex on the Beach or a Margarita, mascara cocktailing involves mixing your favourite mascaras to offer the best qualities of each one which results in both lengthened and volumized lashes. 

This hack gives the illusion of false lashes, without all the unwanted hassle of waiting for them to dry and trying to make them last a whole evening!

Perfect for coming into the festive season where you’re debating wearing lashes to elevate your look, try this hack to make the most of your lashes without the fuss. Luckily, Eyeko has two perfect mascaras to add both length and volume for the perfect false-lash effect. 

Start with your favourite lengthening mascara, the Eyeko Limitless Lengthening Mascara (RRP £19) is perfect for this as it adds infinite weightless length to lashes and includes oat-derived fibres for length & Acai Oil for nourishment. 

Once you have applied a few coats of the Limitless Mascara, apply your favourite volumizing mascara; the Eyeko Black Magic Intense Mascara (RRP £19) is a must for this step. Designed for after-hours volume, this mascara combines drama and curl with an extreme black finish to intensify lashes. The curvaceous brush, combined with a keratin and shea butter enhanced formula, will leave lashes feeling conditioned whilst adding the most intense volume possible. 

For the final step, apply another light coat of the Limitless Lengthening Mascara to comb and define lashes, thanks to Eyeko’s first ever silicone conical brush which helps separate the lashes and give individual definition. This step mixed with the length from the first coat and the volume from the Black Magic Mascara will create the perfect false lash effect, so you can rock the natural look this party season!

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