Introducing NAYAthe multi-award-winning, dermatologically tested, results-driven skincare line powered by the secret ingredient of the Amazon rainforest, Cacay Oil.

Brainchild of Sarah Zimmer, NAYA is the happy result of her desire for no-nonsense skincare with a zero compromise ethos between environment and performance.

In search of a hi-tech holistic ingredient, Sarah’s curiosity and wanderlust took her around the globe and landed her in Colombia. Fascinated by local rituals, cultures and herbs, she discovered the Amazon’s best kept secret – the almost mythical Cacay tree. Sustainably and ethically sourced from indigenous communities in the Amazon, Cacay oil powers NAYA’s game-changing formulas and is strictly used in only its purest form. 

“Skincare was always a chore for me. I searched for scientifically backed, environmentally kind, straight-forward solutions but found that the space was plagued with greenwashing and formulas that had no real backing on their claims. When developing NAYA I wanted to create something that was suitable for all skin types, gave real results and had a higher purpose. I was fortunate enough to find this answer in one magical nut. The Cacay tree.”  – Sarah Zimmer, Founder of NAYA 

Sarah set out to develop a holistic skincare brand that would become a much-loved everyday ritual feeding into a well-balanced life. NAYA’s intelligent line delivers pure, effective, biocompatible formulas for both men and women without hassle. This is skincare minimalism in its finest form. NAYA literally translates to ‘with purpose’, something that Sarah achieved in a 360 manner. From using Certified Organic ingredients to housing kits in biodegradable, mushroom-made packaging, NAYA delivers on its word and higher purpose – redefining how we think of conscious luxury. 

Why Cacay Oil? – Proven to work no matter what your skin type, this Amazon indigenious botanical is made up of 70% Linoleic acid, a deeply nourishing component packed with essential omegas that plump up the skin and combat blemishes. Vitamin A provides the beautiful smart ageing results of retinol without the painful side effects and Vitamin E doses the skin in antioxidants to protect against nasty free radicals. What makes it so superior? The secret lies in its unique, fine molecular structure which contributes to not only its unchallenged hydration properties but also as a brilliant protector for the skin. Supported by clinical studies in both Germany and South America, it has proven to combat visible signs of ageing, has a comedogenic rating of 0 and an unusually long shelf life (3 years) due to its naturally occurring, high levels of Vitamin E. 

Regenerative farming – Conventional mono-culture farming often results in soil degradation and loss of biodiversity. NAYA challenges the status quo and follows a full transparency from soil to skin approach, practising regenerative farming methods to sustainably source upcycled, vegan, cruelty-free, organic ingredients. Prioritising the health of the planet and the communities, regenerative farming mimics the Amazon’s ecosystem to create a highly productive landscape that doesn’t harm nature.

A snapshot of the line: 

EVERYDAY Collection 

Noni Deodorant Cream £21 

The waterless Noni Botanical Deo Cream is a one-of-a-kind prebiotic formula developed to support the natural physiology of  the delicate underarm area. This clever prebiotic cream deodorant uses an innovative prebiotic technology to control odour and deliver long lasting freshness while respecting the skin’s natural physiology. The aluminium, coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate free pH friendly formula address and neutralise bacteria that causes odour, instead of attacking it, without causing irritation, redness or sensitivity. 

Everyday Cleansing Oil 

This hypoallergenic facial cleanser gently removes dirt, makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Packed with nourishing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, expect your skin to feel soft, refreshed and squeaky clean after use. 

Hero ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Cacay Oil and Hemp Seed Oil 

Everyday Glow Serum 

Designed to give skin a radiant, youthful glow, the lightweight texture absorbs quickly and can be used as a makeup base, containing biometric botanicals to stimulate and revitalise skin cells. The result? A much-needed boost of hydration, reduced inflammation and a luminous, dewy glow. 

Hero ingredients: Rhodiola Rosea (Rose Root), Cacay Oil and Mulberry leaves 

Everyday Day Cream 

This nourishing quick-absorbent day cream soothes and protects the skin from everyday aggressors throughout the day. Rich in antioxidants, omegas, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and a 2% blue light complex that works together to reduce blemishes and signs of ageing whilst protecting the skin from blue algae and modern-day aggressors. Refreshed, regenerated, hydrated, velvety skin. 

Hero ingredients: Maracuja Seed Oil, Cacay Oil and Butterfly Flower Extract 

Everyday Face Oil

For a natural glow, this lightweight, nourishing, luxurious texture absorbs instantly into the skin, incorporating exquisite bioactive oils to balance and regenerate the skin whilst locking in moisture and protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Expect skin to feel firmer, healthier with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. 

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