Amid the New Year’s resolution fervour, where aspirations for self-improvement abound but rarely last past January, the revolutionary new beauty-tech Celf emerges as the game-changing ally for beauty enthusiasts seeking to transform their intentions into enduring habits and enjoy lasting results.

With the second Friday in January the most common for dropping the new resolutions, coined Quitter’s Day*, the team at Celf recognised the challenges of maintaining beauty resolutions and worked to create a groundbreaking solution that can fit seamlessly into any beauty routine. Celf fits effortlessly onto the top of a compatible electric toothbrush and experts such as renowned aesthetic dentist Dr Stevie’s Potter believe it fits perfectly into the ‘habit stacking’ method of making lasting changes.

What is Celf?  New to the beauty market in late 2023, CELF is a patented multifunctional skin health solution that has taken the pain, inconvenience and expense out of at-home energy based beauty-tech.  The inventors recognise that adding another step into a skincare routine can be an arduous task. CELF  is designed to fit the leading Oral-B iO electric toothbrush, easily slotting into everyone’s night-time routine; after brushing their teeth, users simply switch heads to get pro-level results using medically validated micro-vibration technology, from the comfort of their own home in just 2 mins per night.

Clinically Proven Results (Visible in 8 weeks after 2 minutes use per day ) **

v  47% maximal reduction in crows feet

v  16% average reduction in lines and wrinkles

v  11% increase in dermal density

v  50% increase in skin firmness and elasticity

v  43% reduction in bacterial secretions that can block pores

v  16% reduction in red areas due to inflammation or spider veins

v  Reductions in UV spots and brown spots

How best to avoid the notorious ‘Quitters Day’? Leading Aesthetic Dentist, Dr Stevie Potter, believes the key to a successful resolution is to embed it in a routine, to ensure it becomes habitual…much like brushing your teeth!

Stevie Potter - Performance Coach - Wonder Clinic | LinkedInLeading Aesthetic & Lifestyle Dentist, Dt Stevie Potter is an advocate of Celf, and specialises in giving her clients lifestyle changes so they can adopt healthy habits that will accelerate their beauty routines. Understanding that aesthetics and dentistry are becoming more interwoven, with dentists recognised as highly skilled injectors due to their expertise in facial anatomy and ready-made sterile environments. Stevie is also a GB Triathlete, so she needs effective products to fit seamlessly into her busy routine, that can also remedy the harsh conditions her skin faces.

Stevie explains how there are 4 steps to habit forming, and how doing these can make encorporating Celf into a part of your daily routine, as streamlined as possible:

There are 4 steps to good habit forming:

  1. Make it obvious – Habit stack by using after brushing your teeth in the evening

Stevie says “I don’t belive in complex routines that can’t fit into daily lives. The biggest barrier to picking up a new habit is adding an additional step. I say to my clients with habits such as flossing, that they need to create a habit stack which is stacking on an existing ingrained behaviour. If someone already does a behaviour that can then link to a new habit, then we’re already following a behaviour that is second nature at that point.”

  1. Make it attractive – The end goal is great skin

“The beuaty of Celf is the visible results it delivers in just 8 weeks. The micro-vibrations work to increase the penetration of topicals , meaning it can make your products work better without giving you five more products to add in. Atractive for your skin but also but also bank account!”

  1. Make it easy – Just 2 minutes in the evening

Stevie says “I find Celf feeds into my routine as its used immediately following brushing my teeth. We’re not adding any additional steps and for just 2 minutes, it takes little extra time away from your evening”

  1. Make it satisfying –  change can take time to see so take B&As (and share them)

“There is nothing better than seeing a habit pay off, so a great way to track progress is to take pictures of where you started, this way you can keep reffering back to see how far you’ve come!”

Celf-Discipline Routine

  1. Use Celf every evening after brushing your teeth and washing your face
  2. Replace the toothbrush head with the Celf dermal head. Switch on device and rinse under warm water
  3. Apply a few drops of Celf guide serum onto the desired treatment area.
  4. Gently glide the Celf head in a circular motion for about a minute per treatment area
  5. When done, rinse the Celf head under warm water for a few seconds and replace the protective cap
  6. Gently massage any excess glide serum into the treated area and off to bed! It really does work while you sleep.


Feeding into the little effort routine, Celf can be bought on subscription so consumers don’t have to remember to keep on replacing their device, making it one less thing to think about, as well as being more cost effective. For those that want a one off try then it costs £39.99 for a device which can be used for up to 3 months.

How does Celf work?

The Celf dermal head is no ordinary attachment – it’s a skincare marvel! The patented medical-grade polycarbonate plate features 18 tiny, non-invasive spurs, which work their magic by sending gentle oscillations deep into the dermis to activate collagen producing fibroblasts while giving the skin’s surface a refreshing exfoliation.

When clicked atop an Oral-B iO toothbrush, Celf becomes the skin’s best friend, transmitting gentle micro-vibrations at a perfect frequency 145Hz for collagen induction. It’s an aesthetic treatment for the skin, in the comfort of the user’s home.  Designed to become a cherished part of a nightly routine, it’s here to help kickstart the skin’s natural circadian repair and regeneration process overnight. Get ready to glow with Celf!

Compatible with the Oral-B iO series of toothbrushes, Celf presents a sustainable and convenient solution for achieving results-driven skincare in the comfort of the user’s home. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into a nightly routine alongside teeth brushing, Celf is thoughtfully designed to become a habitual part of a self-care regime. Get ready to to level up that self-care.

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to extraordinary skincare – that’s Celf


Celf is available to purchase from  Prices start from £39.99 for a 3 months supply with 6, 9 and 12 month discounted subscriptions available.

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