What if we told you that simply an eyebrow pencil and sharpener duo is all you need to create the sharpest brows at home? Leading UK brow brand, HD Brows have developed a ground-breaking brow duo promising seriously realistic, natural looking brows. All you need is the Pro Pencil, a cult-classic used to create ultra-realistic hair strokes. Then you’ll need the Pro Super Shaper, an innovative new brow pencil sharpening tool that’s one of a kind. Together, the unbeatable combo promises super sharp, gorgeous brows that empowers every person to become #BrowBosses at home.  

Launching on #BlueMonday (17th January 2022), the Pro Pencil Bundle will be exclusively available for £25 via HD Brow’s website and your local HD Brows Stylist. 

pro pencil

The Pro Pencil is a best-selling eyebrow pencil created by HD Brows. The Pro Pencil is loved by beauty enthusiasts and professionals because of its ability to create realistic hair strokes and is perfect for mimicking hair that isn’t there – all with no expertise and very minimal effort!  

To maintain its sharp precision, a must-have for any beauty lover is a trusty sharpener. This is where the magic comes in with the new Pro Super Shaper – an eyebrow pencil sharpener specifically designed for the Pencil. The powerful beauty duo is the first of its kind to combine an expert brow pencil with an innovative brow sharpener, complementarily designed to enhance the Pro Pencil’s sharpness and precision – which is why it’s trusted and used by professional beauty artists worldwide. 

Jamie Long, HD Brows leading Brow Stylist said, “The Pro Super Shaper is so easy to use and creates the finest point each time whilst sharpening the Pro Pencil, meaning when you use the Pro Pencil the hairstrokes it creates are next level. Just look at the before and after photos to see the incredible differences.”  

You can now get your hands on HD Brow’s Bundle (includes Pro Pencil and Pro Super Shaper) for just £25 (valued at £30) with FREE delivery from the HD Brows Shop.  

Want to shop local & get the full HD Brows experience? Grab the latest Pro Pencil bundle from your nearest HD Brows Stylist/Stockist 

About HD Brows  

Founded in the UK by Karen Betts in 2008, HD Brows (High Definition) is the original brow brand. Our view is that brows are as unique as fingerprints, so our stylists work to create a look that is totally bespoke to each and every client. the last 10 years, thousands of stylists have trained with us and joined our quest for bespoke brows for all. Our passion for brows helped us to transform the salon brow industry, so it’s no wonder that we became the UK’s no 1 salon brow brand. We’ve taken our totally bespoke view on brows and translated it to a line of brow make up products to maintain that fresh brow feeling at home. 

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