Feel like you’re not doing enough? You could be suffering from ‘productivity anxiety’, here’s how to know.

Do you feel like you should be doing something all the time, and feel you’re not doing enough if you’re not overwhelmed? You could be suffering from productivity anxiety. 

It’s no surprise to learn that our mental health has become explicitly linked with a toxic notion of ‘getting things done’. 

We’re a society obsessed with productivity, which has only become more pervasive in the wake of the pandemic. Three-in-five women (59%) feel they are not able to do, be, or achieve enough compared to less than two in five men (37%)[i]. More than anything, these insights highlight the unhealthy nature of what is known as ‘hustle culture’ – the glorification of constantly working in order to fill our lives with a sense of achievement, and shaming those who don’t follow the same standards.

Whilst there is no harm in working hard to cut down that to-do list, feeling compelled to maintain a relentless level of productivity may begin to take a toll on mental wellbeing, triggering productivity anxiety and leading to burnout.

This constant need to be ‘doing’ something can quite quickly result in burnout, resentment of your work, or even mental health issues, such as anxiety in other areas of your life. Here are 4 tell-tale signs that you’re suffering from it and what to do about it.

1. You never take the time to truly rest – Resting should never feel like a crime and is essential to retaining optimal productivity levels. If you’ve come to this realisation but still find yourself stuck in the cycle of ‘doing’, try and shift your mindset to find the value in taking time off. Adding things like ‘take a bath’ or ‘spend an hour reading’ to your to-do list can help you to no longer push these important leisure activities to the side.  

2. You find yourself constantly comparing to others  – What’s the one thing we absolutely can control? What we do with our time. Time is consistent and predictable, unlike our lives and careers. Constantly comparing yourself to others can in turn increase anxiety, focussing on yourself and your own abilities can help to maintain a more consistent daily routine and allows you to control the controllable in your own life compared with those around you. 

3. You never feel like you’ve done enough – If you’re suffering from productivity anxiety it’s likely you will never be satisfied with what you have achieved, which can leave you feeling fatigued and exhausted. If you feel the need to be constantly busy and notice yourself being extremely critical of your performance, start looking back on a weekly basis of your achievements and take time to celebrate the amazing progress and accomplishments you have achieved. 

4. Your goals are unrealistic – Setting yourself goals that are unrealistic is the perfect fuel for productivity anxiety. Setting small short-term goals that help you in time to achieve your biggest dreams, will make looking forward seem more manageable. And if things take a little longer that’s ok too, not everything will go to plan. Just remember that what you’re doing right now is enough, no matter how long it takes to achieve them.

So what can you do if you’re suffering from productivity anxiety? Try not to panic as this can intensify symptoms. 

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