Season two of the popular teen drama Euphoria, launched almost two weeks ago, and the HBO show has already got viewers in a chokehold.

Just two episodes in and fans are already replicating the signature beauty trends from the show, in fact ‘Euphoria hairstyles’ has reached 4.7 million views on the video streaming platform TikTok. 

Trend specialists at WeThrift, Nick Drewe says, “it’s no surprise that the hairstyle’s in euphoria have taken the internet by the storm, particularly Maddy’s hair, as they are very reminiscent of the early 2000s, which is a massive beauty trend this year.” 

With this in mind, the team at WeThrift  have put together a list of your favourite Maddy Perez hairstyles that you can easily recreate at home. 

Well laid baby hairs 

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To achieve this look you will need a zig zag hair band  and a teasing comb, to give your hair the volume it needs. For the baby hairs, you will need a hard bristled gel brush and your favourite gel to slick down those edges. 

Top tip: “If you don’t already own a gel brush, find an old toothbrush and use that instead – but make sure it’s clean before using.” Nick Drewe, Trend Specialists at WeThrift. 

A detailed breakdown of this hairstyle can be easily found on TikTok 

2. Y2k inspired slick bun 

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To achieve this look, grab a hard bristled brush, eco styler gel and slick back your hair tightly, whilst leaving two straight long strands in the front. 

Nick Drewe, Trend Specialist says: “Just as Y2k was at the forefront of fashion trends in 2021, it looks like the same for 2022 beauty. Without a doubt you will be seeing fashion models and celebrities rocking this look, from Bella Hadid to Olivia Rodrigo.” 

3. Effortless ‘glam’ bun 

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To achieve this look you will simply need a brush, your best curlers and a few grips to pin your bun back. Start by grabbing the two strands you would like to curl and leave them hanging out whilst slicking your hair back into a bun. Feel free to add some gel for a sleek look (but not too much, remember this is supposed to be an effortless glam look). 

Top tip: “If you want to spice it up, try adding some gems to the middle parting of your hair.” 

4.  long hair with a Beret 

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This one is perfect for all the low maintenance gals out there, this does not require much effort at all, you can let your locks down and embrace whatever style you have going on. Whether it is curly or straight or even in between, to achieve this look all you will need is a powder blue beret and you’re good to go! 

Top tip: “If you don’t naturally have long hair add some clip in extension to make the look come together.” 

5. Mermaid waves 

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To achieve this beach waves inspired look, you do not need to purchase a new hair styling tool, you can use the straighteners or curlers you already have to recreate this. If you want to avoid using too much heat on your hair, simply sleep in damp braids, and to intensify the kinks run a straightener on low heat over the braids. 

Top tip: “To simplify this even further, try twisting your hair and running a straighter over it.” 

If you are looking for more inspiration on Maddy’s hairstyles, a quick search on TikTok will lead you in the right direction of euphoria inspired hair tutorials. One TikTok gained 3 million views on their recreation of a few of Maddy’s hairstyles. 

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