Now the new year has arrived, many of us will be starting to think about the changes we want to make – big or small – to improve our health and wellbeing.  

By looking at factors including the quality of green spaces and parks, online searches for gym memberships, number of healthy restaurants and outdoor activities available, the life insurance team at Comparethemarket reveals the best cities in the UK for leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Edinburgh is the best city in the UK for leading a healthy lifestyle

According to the research, Edinburgh comes top for supporting a healthy lifestyle. This is based on the city being home to 105 healthy restaurants, as well as offering high-quality green spaces and parks, which earned a score of 82.20 out of 100. There are also 60 outdoor activities to do to keep fit in and around the city, including walking tours and white water rafting.

Meanwhile, London comes in second place for the best city for leading a healthy lifestyle, with the most healthy restaurants (743) to choose from and the most outdoor activities (82) available, including abseiling, fishing and bike tours. 

4Brighton & Hove
5Newcastle upon Tyne

Manchester residents are making the most online searches for gym memberships

For many, going to the gym is an important part of staying healthy. Despite not making the top ten cities for leading a healthy lifestyle overall, the research shows that Manchester residents have the most interest in joining a gym compared to all the other cities analysed. This is based on the northern city having the highest number of Google searches for gyms and gym memberships, with 21 searches per 1,000 residents (10,570 in total).

Manchester is followed by Cambridge and Bristol, where 20 searches per 1,000 residents are being made monthly (2,500 and 8,530 in total per month respectively).

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