While the treadmill sometimes gets a bad rep for being a little repetitive, a high-quality model can be an invaluable piece of equipment.

Whether you want to train indoors during winter or work towards a specific goal using its technology and running metrics, this classic gym staple undoubtedly has its upsides.

However, if you’ve fallen out of love with the treadmill and want to spice up your cardio workouts, the experts at Fitness Superstore share some top tips that will take the word ‘dreadmill’ out of your vocabulary!

The 12-3-30 workout

Currently taking social media by storm, the 12-3-30 workout was created by actress and social media personality Lauren Giraldo and has proved to be incredibly popular with young gym-goers. In fact, the hashtag #12330workout has a staggering 198.5 million views on TikTok and is trending both for its reported results and for bringing the treadmill back into favour.

A deceptively simple workout, the 12-3-30 involves setting your treadmill to a 12% incline, a speed of 3 miles per hour, and walking for 30 minutes. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that walking will be easier than running! The brisk pace and the gradient of the treadmill will soon get the blood pumping, meaning you can work up a serious sweat before you know it. Having a set time limit of 30 minutes also gives your workout a clear endpoint, so use this as either a warmup or finisher for your weight training and hit all the major muscle groups in a single gym session. You can also take this workout as a chance to catch up on your favourite podcast or audiobook, which is sure to make the time fly.

Walking at an incline burns more calories than you may think and tones up the muscles in your glutes, lower back, hamstrings, and calves. Not only this, but it’s a great way to keep up your cardio while reducing the impact on your joints — this makes the 12-3-30 a great option for those who are starting their fitness journey or recovering from an injury. Zero Runner treadmills are particularly effective for those with weak joints, as they have been specially designed to imitate true running but with zero impact on the joints.

Experiment with intervals

If you’re a fan of HIIT workouts and all the short, fiery bursts of energy, then interval sprints can be a great way to reacquaint you with the treadmill. They can also give you the most bang for your buck if you’re pressed for time at the gym, as they spike your heart rate and help you burn more calories than jogging alone. Before trying out any interval workouts, it’s best to have a decent idea of what settings you find easy, moderate, and hard — both in terms of speed and incline. This way you can get started knowing which numbers to plug into your treadmill.

The following interval routine is nice and simple, but will have you sweating in just over 20 minutes:

  • Start out with a five-minute jog to get warmed up, sticking to a fairly gentle, easy pace.
  • Once you’ve warmed up, it’s time for the intervals. Ramp the speed up and sprint for 30 seconds at a level that’s challenging for you, before slowing this down and doing a 90-second recovery run at a moderate speed. Repeat this interval structure six times.
  •  Follow your intervals with a five-minute cooldown of your choice, whether this is a gentle jog or a brisk walk.

Workouts like these not only make the treadmill more fun (and stop you from watching the clock), but they’re sure to help runners of all abilities boost their speed and cardiovascular stamina.

Make the most of home comforts

The beauty of a treadmill is that they allow us to exercise from the comfort of our own homes. So, why not make the absolute most of the treadmill’s biggest benefit?

For example, you may choose to coordinate your next indoor run with the time of your favourite TV show, so you can work up a sweat without watching the clock. Alternatively, you may decide to partner up with one of your friends and run together over FaceTime or a phone call, to catch up and keep each other motivated at the same time. The technology built into your treadmill is also likely to include pre-made routes with different speeds, inclines, and distances that mimic outdoor running, so be sure to make the most of these if you’re feeling a little uninspired.

“Treadmills are an excellent, versatile piece of fitness equipment, so if you start to feel like your indoor runs are just going through the motions, there are plenty of ways you can liven them up. Interval sprints are a brilliant way to tailor your treadmill to HIIT workouts, and these will have a huge impact on your cardiovascular stamina both on indoor and outdoor runs.

“You may even experiment with viral treadmill trends like the 12-3-30 workout, a brisk incline walk that’s much more demanding than it looks. Use these creative workouts and the treadmill’s built-in technology, and you’ll start to get the absolute most out of this classic piece of equipment, whether you work out at home or in the gym.”

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