With the summer months fast approaching and the lifting of Covid restrictions in many countries seeing a surge in holiday bookings, it is that time of year when many of us start drastic efforts to lose weight, often turning to crash diets in an attempt to drop the pounds quickly.

However, a new, healthier approach to weight management – Dietless Life – launches on May 6th, promising success in 12 weeks as well as freedom from dieting and a new found self-confidence to enjoy life. 

Dismayed by the hundreds of clients she has worked with whose lives have been governed by weight issues, therapist Marisa Peer has created Dietless Life combining the techniques she has developed over her thirty year career. Using hypnosis to increase their resting metabolic rate is just one of the USPs allowing people to achieve their perfect weight whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with food, allowing lifelong freedom from diets.

Commenting on Dietless Life, Marisa Peer said:

‘As the summer months approach, we become more aware and anxious about our weight as we tentatively attempt to fit into last year’s seasonal wardrobe and look and feel good about ourselves as we plan holidays and summer events.

‘Many people make the mistake of turning to crash diets to lose weight fast, but unfortunately these diets do not address the root cause of why people overeat or binge on sugar so when someone reaches their desired weight, they still have an unhealthy relationship with food and post-summer, they will usually put the weight back on. 

‘Dietless Life addresses the root cause of someone’s unhealthy eating and, once someone has taken part in the experience, they don’t have to stick to anything as this approach will stick to them.’ 

Over 12 weeks, Marisa will host a live, weekly workshop and bespoke group hypnosis session giving people a complete understanding of their personal overeating ‘whys’ and ‘hows’.

The program offers a range of additional benefits that are all based on Marisa’s methods and client successes over the years including:

  • A new, unique hypnotic audio download each week 
  • A different hypnosis session with Marisa every week
  • Strategies to change your relationship with food forever 
  • Techniques to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate, improve your digestion and change your food preferences. 
  • Therapy demonstrations and motivational lessons including the Number 1 reason diets fail 
  • Strategies to end stress eating
  • Exclusive access to Marisa’s new book, Dietless Life
  • Personal development workbook including client tried-and-tested tactics and strategies 
  • An accountability buddy allowing partners to mentor and support one another throughout the 12 weeks

The one-off cost is just $379 which is less than the annual cost for the basic membership and weekly fees of a slimming club.

Anyone interested in joining can visit the Dietless Life Facebook Group to register their interest prior to the launch on May 6th – International No Diet Day – with the program itself starting on May 12th.

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