New season = new skincare wardrobe. Not only does the weather change around us as we flow through the phases of another year, but much like swapping our winter coat for a lighter jacket, our skincare needs adapt too.

So, ahead of spring, natural Nordic skincare brand Urtekram has collaborated with leading Danish skincare facialist Line Friis to offer her advice on a simple four-step-by-step guide for the new season using their new to the UK skincare range…

STEP ONE: Cleanse

For the ingredients in your skincare routine to absorb properly, you need clean skin that is totally free of oil and grime. Respecting the skin’s natural barrier by carefully removing makeup and grime from the day, Urtekram’s Rise and Shine Cleansing Milk (RRP £7.79) leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated. With a nourishing and conditioning formula that does not dry out the skin, the cleanser contains softening ingredients Almond, Coconut and Jojoba oils, with Moisturising Aloe Vera.

Line says: “This will add so much moisture to the skin, that it will not only remove impurities, but it will even act as an overnight mask, even after you have applied other products. All while being light enough for spring.”

STEP TWO: Moisturise

Throughout spring, you want to reset the skin and hydrate complexion without overloading it with too much richness. Enter Urtekram’s Rise and Shine Nourishing Day Cream (RRP £8.50) which provides that soothing soft feeling, improves skin’s elasticity and balances the skins radiance. 

Line says: “This cream embodies the feeling of popping on a sweater in spring. It’s not warm enough to go without but it’s not quite cold enough for all the winter layers either! This cream is my go-to for no  urishing, conditioning and moisturising my skin all at once.”

STEP THREE: Moisturise… again!

While you still want the skin to be able to breath and don’t require as much thickness in terms of moisture, it is worth applying an extra gentle layer of Urtekram’s Rise and Shine Nourishing Night Cream (RRP £9.20) in the evenings as it will nurture complexion to appear smooth, radiant and protected come sunrise. 

Line says: “One cream isn’t enough, even in spring; you need to layer just as you would your seasonal clothing. Think of your night cream as your light jacket. You wouldn’t head out without it! This cream will act as a beauty sleep mask; with 70% of the moisture in our skin disappearing during the night, in spring, you want something that will create a nice gentle barrier to keep the nourishing oils locked in.”

STEP FOUR: eye cream

Come spring, you’re going to want to swap for a light and thin eye cream. Just like Urtekram’s Rise and Shine Nourishing Eye Cream (RRP £5.50) which comforts and protects with its soothing formula. Calming the delicate areas around the eyes, the cream improves the appearance of dark circles and decreases puffiness.

Line says: “I particularly love the combination of the Almond Oil and Daisy Extract in this product for spring, it helps reduce fine lines and prolong skin’s elasticity.”

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