Renowned for its many health benefits, seaweed is also a natural wonder for skin, hair, and nails. TikTok agrees with searches for #seaweedmask amassing over 97.9 million views and #seaweedhair reaching nearly 30 million. 

With searches for seaweed benefits on the rise (up 130% in the past 12 months according to Google trends), and experts singing it praises for skin, what is so stunning about seaweed?

Why seaweed?

  • Seaweed offers a key source of iodine, an essential mineral that the body needs to make thyroid hormones (which a modern British diet and over 80% of women are lacking*). An under-active thyroid leads to a whole host of health issues, with symptoms including tiredness, weight gain, dry and scaly skin, brittle hair and nails and irregular periods. 
  • It has multi beauty benefits – helping to regulate the skin’s moisture levels, aid skin healing, keep acne at bay, and stimulate cell regeneration and hair growth.
  • It’s packed full of skin-loving vitamins, including K, B, A and E, which help improve skin tone, texture and elasticity. And that’s not all… it’s high in antioxidant Vitamin C to promote collagen production and humectants to retain moisture. 

Nutritionist at Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful, Sarah-Jane Hall explains “The iodine in seaweed really is an essential nutrient when it comes to keeping skin looking and feeling healthy, thanks to its role in regulating moisture levels. Taking a supplement that contains a natural source of iodine is really important because, ultimately, you can’t maximise on the benefits of the topical treatments that you apply to your skin on the outside if you aren’t nourishing and hydrating your skin from the inside.”

Looking to incorporate super seaweed into your skincare routine? Try these beauty best buys…

Doctor Seaweed ® Weed & Wonderful® Beauty+£29.95  (30 day supply), available from

Doctor Seaweed’s science backed seaweed supplement is now available with powerhouse ingredients for skin, hair and nails. The new Beauty+ supplement is packed full of iodine from Doctor Seaweed’s dedicated and sustainable supply of organic Scottish seaweed and supercharged with a carefully selected blend of nutrients, including wholefood sources of vitamins A, B2, C E, biotin, selenium and zinc. This plethora of nutrients protects cells from oxidative stress, helps stimulate the production of keratin for healthy hair and boosts collagen formation, all in a once-a-day capsule.

OSKIA Super 16 Serum, £94 (30ml) and available from

The OSKIA Super 16 super serum combines 16 nutrients and bio-actives to benefit multiple ageing concerns. From reduced pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, Super 16 works to increase collagen production, boost hydration and provide antioxidant protection. Keeping in line with the brand’s philosophy of delivering beauty nutritionally, Super 16 delivers broad-spectrum, targeted nutrients including vitamins, minerals and proteins to improve skin health. Formulated with Bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol), alongside 15 other potent bio-actives, including Seaweed Extract to hydrate, soften & refresh, this active serum works hard to target ageing concerns by boosting collagen product.

Scientia Sunshine & Sea HA + Vitamin D Tanning Serum, £21 and available from

Bring a little sunshine to your complexion with our super-nourishing HA & Vit D aqua tanning serum. A blend of naturally derived tanning actives, skin-plumping Hyaluronic Acid and youth-boosting Shiitake Extract rich in Vitamin D, gives skin a healthy dose of glow no matter how much (or little) sun you get. For an extra skin boost, rejuvenating marine algae aka seaweed has been added, bringing the best of the sea to the skin to help brighten even the most lacklustre of complexions.

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