Time to close the self-love gap:  BLOOM Gin calls for women across the country to love themselves this Galentine’s Day

BLOOM Gin is calling for women up and down the country to take more time out for self-love and use Galentine’s Day (February 13th) as the perfect opportunity to do it!

In the run up to February’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration of love – and it’s lesser-known counterpart, Galentine’s Day– BLOOM Gin surveyed 1,000 women to discover whether ‘self-love’ was a conscious part of their lives. 

Despite the overwhelming majority (94%) recognising it is important to show themselves some self-love (defined as an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue), less than half (46%) actively put aside time to do this*, with 11% making no time for themselves at all, creating a self-love ‘gap’.

And despite Galentine’s Day being the perfect occasion to celebrate self-love – with its focus on friendships and the people who stick by you as romantic relationships come and go – 88% of women don’t even know what the day is about. 

This won’t do, especially given the benefits a little bit of personal TLC can bring, such as the 62% of women who feel more empowered after setting aside time for themselves.

To redress the balance, BLOOM Gin is now urging women up and down the country to shake off the usual traditions and choose to celebrate self-love this Galentine’s Day. After all, why should couples have all the fun😉?

BLOOM Gin’s Elaine Maher comments: “They say you have to love yourself first to find love and whether that’s true or not, at BLOOM Gin we believe self-love is just as important and worthy of celebration as romantic love. And what better time to do it than this Galentine’s Day?”

To help women everywhere on their self-love journey, BLOOM Gin has collaborated with quality sex toy company, So Divine, to create the ultimate self-love gift box – be it for yourself, your friend, your sister, hell, even your mum if you’re so inclined.  

The limited-edition gift-box, which contains a bottle of BLOOM Gin, a scented candle and a sex toy from So Divine, is the ultimate gift of pleasure and relaxation. 

With this collaboration, BLOOM Gin and So Divine recognise that everyone does in fact have someone to love, whether that’s on Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any day – yourself. When we love ourselves and experience joy, pleasure and love in all its guises, that’s when we truly bloom.  

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