With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the promise of a romantic encounter for some of us, why not spice things up in the bedroom by adding some playful accessories….

Whatever tickles your tastebuds, bringing sex toys to the bedroom can add novelty, excitement and passion – and of course a laugh or two, sex doesn’t always have to be serious! 

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled Egg Vibrator

Orgasms will know no boundaries with the app-controlled Lush 3 egg vibrator by Lovense. No matter the time or place, your partner can take control of your pleasure via the Lovense Remote app. Buzzing bliss, tickling tease, and deep, vigorous vibrations can keep you on the edge of your seat or drive you to climax at the office, in your bed or while visiting the in-laws!

The unlimited amount of ways to design the vibrations when using the app, with features such as voice activation and syncing it to your favourite song, means an unlimited amount of ways to reach the big O!

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Sinful 10 Day Love Challenge Couple’s Box

Get ready for a sensual adventure full of surprises, as you open the doors of the Sinful 10 Day Love Challenge.

Behind the doors you will find 10 products for him, her and to be used together for seductive foreplay, soft bondage, and dizzying orgasms. Enjoy a wealth of vibrations, strokes, caresses, and other satisfying sensations as you experiment and explore each others’ bodies.

Challenge each other to share your fantasies and bring them to life with the beginner-friendly collection of products, which dare you to try new things while still being approachable and easy to use. Each product comes with an information leaflet.

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Amaysin Duo Rechargeable Magic Wand and Dildo Vibrator

Abracadabra! Magic is in the air with the double trouble Amaysin Duo Magic Wand and Dildo Vibrator. This magic stick will be serving you pleasure with both ends! On one end, you get a magic wand, gifted with a bulbous head for a powerful rumble that will have it tickle from your clit all the way down to your toes. On the other end, a keen, vibrating dildo that can massage your G-spot to buzz you all the way to O-town!

G-spot, clitoris or even a booty expedition for the slightly more trained anal adventurer – the choice is yours with this marvellous multi tool! Just remember to lube up with your favourite water-based slide and glide for that extra dreamy feel.

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Ricky’s Deluxe Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator – £44.95

Cycle through 9 unique vibration patterns with each press of the power button. Each one offers a different speed powered by strength motor to deliver an almighty climax. Our design features an ergonomic recess within the handle with can be used to press against the clitoris if you want a softer vibration. Women with sensitive clitoral nerve endings needn’t ever miss out!

Superbly sensuous, the Ricky Deluxe Bullet comes into two styles. Choose the Smooth Diamond for a frictionless, truly smooth feeling, or pick the ribbed waves to experienced enhanced texture.

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Ricky’s Ultimate Wand Massager Vibrator – £59.98

Designed with two super strength motors – each one separately controlled – the user can delight in the strong vibrations located in the wand head to achieve orgasmic clitoral stimulation or flip it round and insert the ergonomically tapered end inside the vagina for deep G-spot pleasure.

Each of the two motors comes packed with 10 unique vibration patterns to cycle between, giving you 20 total settings to play with.

Enveloped all over in a silky smooth silicon, our wand will feel luxuriously soft against your skin as it rumbles and vibrates in your most intimate areas.

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Satisfyer Double Joy Partner Vibrator (App Enabled) – £44.95

The Double Joy is a couples vibrator with its shape satisfying both the penis and the vagina during penetration. Equally, it’s a great sex toy to be used alone for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Slip the smaller shaft inside the vagina and it ergonomically fits alongside the penis. A pleasant tightness allows the inner shaft to skilfully offer ‘double joy’ vibrating against both the penis and the inner vaginal wall. Meanwhile, the outer shaft rests snugly against the clitoris to offer external stimulation.

The two powerful motors drive 10 unique vibration settings through each tip to bring you both a mutual climax.

Bringing sex toys to the bedroom – Vibrating & Rechargeable Handjob Masturbator – £44.95

An open design ensures this masturbator can be used for all types of penises. Flacid, erect, small, or large; this sex toy is versatile and sits ready to drive super strong vibrations through its silky soft silicon wings.

The internal structure is ribbed and rippled for enhanced penis stimulation. Lubricate well and then wrap the stroker around your penis shaft gently or tightly to experience different feelings of intensity.

This sex toys boasts 10 unique vibration setting to cycle between. The built-in motor emits strong vibrations and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

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