Shoppers are buying *these* SPFs for their skin type ahead of the heatwave + here’s how to stop them pilling…

With temperatures set to reach a blazing 30 degrees on the weekend, making sure SPF is included in our routine is a must to keep skin protected, healthy and youthful.  

Taking the guesswork out of which SPF is right for your skin type, – the beauty marketplace that picks products for you based on what other people with your skin and hair type have tried, tested and loved – has revealed the most popular SPFs on their marketplace for acne-prone, oil, dry and sensitive skin types, according to community-driven data*.

How to choose a sunscreen for your skin type? 

Choosing SPF for your skin should be just as personal as any skincare you choose. Those with acne-prone skin should opt for lightweight, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic formulas to reduce the risk of clogged pores. Sunscreens that include active ingredients such as lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide also come with anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits to acne-prone skin.” advises Kristin Cardwell, beauty expert and co-founder of beauty marketplace  

How do you stop SPF from pilling and ruining your make-up?

“Layering too many products at one time is one of the main causes of sunscreen pilling. When applying your first layer of SPF product, make sure to wait a few minutes, allowing the product to dry before applying the next layer, helping to avoid a build-up. It’s also important to apply your products in the correct order, starting with any lighter, liquid form products such as serums or mists, moving onto thicker or heavier products such as moisturiser, using your SPF as the last step in your routine before applying any makeup.” shares Kristin 

Most popular mineral sunscreens for sensitive skin*

  1. Pai British Summer Time SPF 30
  2. Avène Very High Protection Mineral Fluid SPF50+ Sun Cream for Intolerant Skin

Most popular chemical sunscreen for sensitive skin* 

  1. Saltee SPF50 Face Daily Protection Formula
  2. Ultrasun SPF 50+ Anti Pollution Face Fluid

Most popular sunscreen for oily sensitive skin*

  1. Avène Intense Protect 50+ Sun Cream for Very Sensitive Skin
  2. Pai British Summer Time SPF 30
  3. COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++

Most popular recommended sunscreen for acne-prone skin*

  1. Avène Very High Protection Cleanance SPF50+ Sun Cream for Blemish-prone skin
  2. Jan Marini Physical Protectant Tinted SPF 45

Most popular recommended sunscreen for dry skin*

  1. Avène Intense Protect 50+ Sun Cream for Very Sensitive Skin  
  2. Pai British Summer Time SPF 30

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