Skin feeling a bit meh after winter? As we approach spring, we need to switch up our skincare routine to help our skin adjust to the changing weather.

Think lighter layers for styling and skincare to keep us in balance and looking our best. Here, four skincare experts give us their top tips for a fresh start for skin this spring…

Add In Exfoliants

Dr Jason Thomson – Skin + Me dermatology specialist

Add a chemical exfoliant into your routine to sweep away the dead skin cells of the months gone by to make way for brighter skin. Exfoliants also make anything you apply afterwards more effective, as the dead cells that act as a barrier to the active ingredients in serums have been removed. Start just using them once a week, and you can gradually increase the frequency over time if you need to. 

Oil Up 

Georgie Cleeve, founder of Oskia Skincare

Oils are a skin’s best friend in spring. They protect and replenish our vital and protective lipid barrier, eliminate flaky, dehydrated skin, soothe and calm and give skin a beautiful sheen. Goodbye dry winter dryness, hello skin glow spring!  If your skin has particularly suffered during the winter months, try oils like rosehip, evening primrose or tamanu to regenerate and heal.

Time For Prime Protection 

Dr Malvina Cunningham Skin + Me Consultant Dermatologist

You should be wearing sunscreen every day – no matter what the weather, or the season. However, if you were wearing SPF 30 or lower during the winter months, now is the time to consider jumping up to SPF 50 or more. Always make sure your SPF is broad-spectrum so that it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Get Glowing With Skin Boosters 

Dr Ahmed El Muntasar GP and Award-Winning Aesthetician

Skin can be lacklustre after a long winter and spring is all about refreshing, resetting, and flooding skin with hydration. Boosters are microinjections delivering vitamins and minerals into the top epidermal layer of skin. Skin will automatically draw in water and moisture from them, and, within four weeks, you will see the overall appearance of your skin improve significantly for a rejuvenated look.

Avoid Skin Stress With Antioxidants 

Georgie Cleeve, founder Oskia Skincare

As the temperature begins to rise, so do the pollution levels – inside and out. Heat and UV stimulate free radicals into something called a free-radical cascade. I believe a proven topical antioxidant is the most important stage in any skincare regime and of particular importance in spring. Antioxidants fight free radicals, strengthen skin and reduce skin stress

Ditch Heavy Moisturisers 

Dr Malvina Cunningham Skin + Me consultant Dermatologist

If you’re guilty of always opting for the thickest, richest moisturiser, no matter the weather and your skin type, you might be doing your skin more harm than good, and skin can appear dull. Look for ingredients like glycerin, urea, ceramides, and natural moisturising factors, which will hydrate and soothe your skin without feeling heavy.

Looking to switch-up your skincare routine this spring? Here’s our expert-approved edit of best buys…

Skin+Me via a personalised monthly skincare subscription, RRP £24.99. Please visit www.skinandme.comfor more information or to sign up for a consultation

Press reset this spring with a Skin + Me subscription. The Skin + Me subscription prescription service starts at £24.99 a month and provides you with an online consultation with an expert, a personalised treatment month-by-month plan and care and progress checks along the way. The daily doser means no product goes to waste, the amount to use is just right and the product is delivered directly to the door, removing purchasing hassle and ensuring the product never runs out. 

Oskia Restoration Oil, £79, available from, Cult Beauty, Space NK, Sephora and Look Fantastic

A beautiful, delicate blend of nutrients, floral oils & extracts to help restore the skin’s youthful vitality post-winter. High-tech natural actives and oils, from African Acmella, Lupin, Sea Fennel, Heart Seed Vine, Turmeric, Starflower, Rose Hip Seed & Evening Primrose, help soothe, hydrate, and replenish, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines for a healthy, radiant complexion.

NEW Oskia Violet Water Moisturiser, £52.00, and Space NK

A lightweight, water-based, clarifying daily moisturiser with sebum-control-technology to help address the five key concerns associated with oily, blemish-prone skin, which often occurs in spring – microbiome, excess sebum production, blemishes, scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Colloidal Silver, Prebiotics, Vitamin C & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) synergistically support a healthy skin microbiome and promote a clearer, brighter complexion. Micro-Plankton Complex supports balanced sebum production. Our Amino Acid blend & Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and condition. MSM, Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid (the calming actives in oats) & Boerhavia Diffusa Extract soothe, while Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate brightens the complexion.

Juvéderm Volite with Dr Ahmed El Muntasar at Aesthetics Doctor Clinics, from £350 

This skin booster contains hyaluronic acid and can be used throughout the face to hydrate the skin and reduce fine lines. Put a spring in your skin by boosting the skin’s natural action to improve its texture, quality, and appearance. The result is natural glowing skin, and fine lines and wrinkles will also improve. 

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