For many of us, the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated is often associated with the need to quench a thirst. In reality, however, drinking water is a necessary part of staying healthy – carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, aiding digestion and weight loss, and even improving the appearance of the skin.

Research from the National Library of Medicine explains that during the colder months, we have fewer lipids in our skin barrier, subjecting us to dryness, itchiness and a lack of essential moistures. Now, however, new research from innovative water bottle, air up has found that almost half of the nation (45%), admit to only drinking one glass of water a day, with water consumption halving for millions during the winter months. 

Particularly during the colder months, with the combination of exposure to cold outdoor air, dry indoor heat, decreased humidity levels, and a harsher winter wind it is likely that the nation’s skin has been zapped of essential moistures. Water helps to maintain skin health, with the International Journal of Cosmetic Science unveiling that long-term water intake can have a significant impact on its elasticity, helping the skin to become plumper, have fewer irritations and blemishes, and maintain a good pH balance. 

New national research from hydration innovators has shown that 11% of Brits don’t know that water helps their skin stay healthy throughout the winter months. The implications of this mean that Brits leave themselves vulnerable to a deterioration of their skin health in colder temperatures. 

Key Stats:45% of Brits admit to only drinking one glass of water a day29% of Brits (14.5 million) reduce their water consumption by half as they(we) turn to hot beverages like tea and coffee this winter season11% of Brits (5.6 million) don’t know that water helps their skin stay healthy throughout the winter months25% of Brits (12.6 million) don’t know that a healthy water intake helps stave off winter weight gain

To inspire those who struggle to reach their recommended daily intake of water, air up is the world’s first in food technology that utilises retronasal smell to provide a zero-calorie, zero sugar, zero additive way to drink 100% pure water which tastes flavoured. 

Water for your Skin Health – What is retronasal smell? 

Studies have shown that up to 80% of the flavour we perceive comes from smell, not taste, which is why the smell of food is so linked to appetite and why people hold their noses when they eat or drink something unpleasant. When we eat or drink, flavour-filled air rises up to our noses and takes our senses beyond the five basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. 

Water for your Skin Health – So how does air up work? 

air up harnesses this clever bit of science by infusing flavoured air into every sip of water from the bottle. One of 14 different flavours will be added in bubbles every time you drink and it is this that will give your 100% pure water its flavour. Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents that infuse ambient air to be added to the pure water, these flavours range from Lime and Orange-Passionfruit to Cola and Iced Coffee with ten others in between.

Water for your Skin Health – Who came up with this amazing idea?

The first prototype for air up was developed by Lena Jüngst and Tim Jäger in 2016 and spent three years in development, including a Master’s thesis on aromas, to combine innovative design and the neuroscience behind the idea and turn it into a real product. Since then, air up has successfully launched in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands, with more than half a million customers already. Now Lena and the team are bringing this innovative way to drink water to the UK. 

Water for your Skin Health – Where can I buy one? 

air up’s reusable water bottles and fully recyclable flavour pods are available from their website. The Starter Set, including one bottle and two scent pods, is priced at £29.95 to £34.95 depending on the colour of the bottle. Each additional pack of three pods (flavouring a minimum of 15 litres of water) then costs between £5.95 to £8.95, depending on the flavour.

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