On TikTok, #seamoss has over 916 MILLION VIEWS, and with Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Cardi B having revealed their fans of the superfood, the viral craze is set to go nowhere. 

From viral sensation to delicious treat, the UK’s leading gummy company, Starpowa, are proud to introduce their Sea Moss 1000mg, their new vegan gummies, in an all-new, easy-to-digest format. Encompassing all the extraordinary benefits of TikTok’s Sea Moss sensation, Starpowa’s new gummies are a more sustainable way to consume all the essential minerals and vitamins, including the harder-to-get nutrients such as mineral Iodine.

Recognising the current surge in popularity of Sea Moss, known for its abundant nutritional profile and health benefits, Starpowa has harnessed this Caribbean and Irish staple in a potent, power-packed 1000mg gummy format. Sea Moss has been used for thousands of years in Caribbean and Irish cultures for its vast wellness benefits, such as detoxifying and cleansing our digestive systems, promoting skin health and enhancing skin glow, and supporting all-round immune system strength.

Starpowa’s brand new Sea Moss gummies are rich in essential minerals and nutrients, mirroring the natural composition of our bodies. They also boast added Vitamin C, Thiamine, and Iodine which work simultaneously to contribute to the normal function of skin, healthy collagen formation, immune system support, an energy-yielding metabolism, and heightened cognitive and neurological function.

Starpowa, Sea Moss 1000mg (£39.99) | available to purchase NOW at starpowa.com

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