Serial scrollers are being told to take time away from their phones and invest in brain-boosting activities.

Aimlessly scrolling on social media has been linked to a decrease in productivity and concentration skills, which is why wellness experts from Simply Supplements are providing top tips on boosting brain strength.

They suggest taking part in a digital detox and putting down the screens.

Other ways to improve brain strength include exercising regularly, establishing a new evening routine, getting plenty of sleep and learning something new. 

Samantha Greener, wellness expert at Simply Supplements said: “We all get into bad routines and end up scrolling through social media and spending way too much time on our phones, but this can be causing issues when it comes to brain health and strength. 

“Your brain can benefit from the smallest changes to your routine, including changing up your evening routine and making sure you are using your brain functions to learn something new. 

“You should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Consecutive healthy sleep patterns allow your brain to store memories effectively.

“Exercising is also super important to healthy brain function. These small changes to your every day routine may just make the difference in the long run.”

Here are ways to improve brain strength: 

  1. Exercise regularly 

As well as physical benefits, staying healthy through regular exercise can also positively impact the brain. An increased blood flow to your brain during exercise helps towards healthy mental functioning. 

  1. Puzzles 

Working on a puzzle is a great way to strengthen your brain. There have been links between jigsaw puzzles and improved cognitive abilities. Work your way up to more challenging jigsaws to make sure you keep exercising your brain. 

  1. Evening routine 

If your current evening routine includes watching TV and then getting into bed and scrolling on social media, consider some new evening activities away from screens. Short daily walks, card games and spending time cooking can keep your brain focussed and interested without needing to rely on screen-time. 

  1. Sleep 

Getting plenty of sleep plays an important role in brain health, so those with an irregular sleeping pattern should look to improve their routine. Consecutive sleep helps your brain to store memories effectively.

  1. Learn something new 

In your free time, why not try and teach yourself something new? Whether it is learning a new language, cooking a new recipe, learning an instrument or taking up a new sport, putting your mind to a new activity can help improve memory function. 

  1. Listen to music 

Increase your creative brain power by listening to feel-good music. According to a study, listening to music helps generate innovative solutions compared to being in silence. So, turning on tines while you are working or in your free time may help to improve brain power. 

  1. Change the routine

If you walk or commute to your workplace daily, keep it interesting and test your brain strength by testing out a new route. 

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