Did you know that we’re currently halfway through Stress Awareness Month?

As a time to shed light on both the causes and cures of stress, the annual awareness month feels particularly important this year, with everything that is taking place in the world around us.  

As we all know, the spa is a place known for relaxation, slowing down and feeling calm. But there’s actually also scientifically proven stress busting benefits of spa-ing and the team from The Spa at Bedford Lodge is here to explain them… 

 Inducing happiness with a massageAmongst the most popular of spa treatments, a massage is both mood boosting and stress soothing. Many case studies have shown that this type of human touch therapy releases happy hormones in the body, including oxytocin and serotonin, both of which counteract stress and instead increase feeling of trust.  Try: Our Signature Lavender Poultice Massage (£165 for two hours) which has been designed to have a totally soothing effect on the mind, body and soul. Featuring a gentle exfoliation and warm herbal poultices, heat is applied to the muscles and joints to increase blood flow and circulation. Followed by a purifying and rebalancing massage where warm lavender is applied to the body. 

Use the sauna to combat blues Sweating has long been used as a therapy. In particular, saunas are known for relieving anxiety as the heat causes the body to release endorphins. In Finland (one of the happiest countries in the world), they’re regarded as an important stress relief, with 99% of Finn’s taking a sauna at least once a week.  Try: Our Self-Applied Rasul Experience (included in All About Me Spa Day, £95pp). With a choice of scrubs and mud to apply to the body, guests can then enter the private steam chamber to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Relax the mind with essential oils Known to calm your mental state, essential oils can reduce stress, lower heart rate and decrease blood pressure. After all, our smell is the most primal of the five senses after all!  Try: Our Deeply Relaxing Lavender Floatation (£85 for 60 minutes) begins with a light skin softening exfoliation followed by a nourishing body wrap combined with healing lavender essential oil which gently smooths, soothes and de-stresses skin.  

Try water therapy for better sleep Due to its natural healing properties, water has various effects on the body but generally speaking, it can relieve discomfort (whether emotional or physical) and promote general wellbeing. In particular, the therapeutic benefits of warm water include pain relief, a boost of metabolism and toxins flushing the body. Try: A dip in our spacious hydrotherapy pool featuring five unique water experiences with perfectly placed jets to ease aches and pains. Or if the weather allows head to our rooftop hot tub and enjoy views of the nearby famous racing paddocks.

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