How can tapping stimulate collagen production for plump youthful and glowing skin?

Poppy Delbridge is a qualified tapping specialist and motivational speaker, dedicated to helping people feel at their happiest.

Tapping is a form of emotional therapy that uses your fingertips to tap on certain meridian points on the face and body. It has been shown to harness many positive benefits to our skin health, as well as being clinically proven to help clear emotional tension. It can also be used to effectively support changing habits, curing phobias and even releasing physical pain.

Celebrity super-fans of Poppy’s method include Fearne Cotton and Laura Whitmore, who recently described her as a “powerhouse!”. 

How can tapping lead to younger looking skin?

The use of tapping increases oxygenated blood flow to the face creating face and lip plumping, skin radiance and improved circulation to the face, neck and decolletage. It increases collagen production, improving skin firmness and tightness and overall skin quality. It also promotes lymph drainage, helping to eliminate damage from free radicals and support more restful sleep.” – Poppy Delbridge 

The key benefits of rapid tapping for our skin

  • Tapping is clinically proven to reduce stress, by shutting down the production of cortisol and adrenaline. 
  • Daily tapping stimulates collagen production, leaving your skin looking younger, tighter and smoother, as well as plumping the face and lips. 
  • The act of tapping dilates the blood vessels, which then increases blood flow to the skin, helping to eliminate age-related damage from free radicals, combat inflammation and stimulate lymph drainage. 
  • Tapping also aids our sleep process, helping to decrease inflammation to support our skin health and slow down the aging process. 
  • Certain tapping routines can pay particular attention to depuffing and stimulating lymph drainage in the eye, lip and neck area and reduce lactic acid.

Poppy’s new book – Tapping-In

Poppy’s new book, ‘Tapping In’, which was just released on 1st September 2022, is here to transform mindsets everywhere. It teaches you how to manifest the life you dream of by harnessing the power of ‘Rapid Tapping’. The book offers a step-by-step guide to tapping and manifestation in order to implement positive change in your life. Poppy’s book gives you the power to use tapping anytime, anywhere, giving you the tools to manifest the life you really want, learn to clear any limitations and powerfully manifest on an entirely new level.

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More about Poppy 

Poppy Delbridge is a pioneering energy expert in the wellbeing space. With a background as one of ‘television’s most powerful women’ (Glamour). She is a qualified Energy Psychologist, tapping specialist and motivational speaker who runs tapping and manifestation courses, retreats, and workshops. Her proprietary techniques have a loyal following with Caroline Rush CBE, Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore and Francesca Lessons singing her praises.  Poppy also runs her own club for manifesting positive societal change, House of Possibility, dedicated to help people feel a new level of happiness. 

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