Tapping in is set to transform mindsets everywhere by teaching you how to actually manifest the life you dream of by harnessing the powerful method of Rapid Tapping. 

Author Poppy Delbridge explores the power of this results-driven, science-backed method with Harvard papers to back up its quick ability to lower stress and remove blocks.  If you want to change your mindset and manifest your best life whatever that may be, then read no further. 

Manifestation Coach Poppy is not only a powerhouse of positivity but one of the world’s leading tapping experts. Her new, clever, easy-to-navigate book is your step-by-step beginner’s guide in Tapping specifically showing you how to implement change in your life and properly manifest it, combining tapping and bespoke affirmations.

Having supercharged the minds and achievements of CEOs, MBEs, and Neuroscientists, Poppy’s book now gives us all the dynamic mind-changing benefits of Rapid Tapping anytime, anywhere. Tapping will empower you to achieve your ultimate life by giving you the tools to manifest the life you really want.  You will learn to clear away any limitations and then powerfully manifest on an entirely new level.

Tapping in provides readers with the blueprint they need to reach a new place of self-belief, where taking bold risks and accessing happiness and abundance await. It explores how you can harness the transformative power of tapping and affirmations to clear space, optimise energy and manifest your dreams. You will also learn how to reprogramme your perceptions of what is possible and apply a practical and strategic plan to any aspect of your life whether it’s career, finances, life or relationships you need to improve.

What is Tapping? 

Tapping is an emotional freedom technique where people use their fingertips to tap on certain meridian points on the face and body to dissipate and clear emotional tension, change habits, cure phobias, and even release physical pain. This form of cognitive therapy has clinical trials to support its benefits, working with the brain as well as our energy. Its superior ability to support effective manifestation and positive change is being recognised by celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Megan Markle.

Tapping in allows you a shortcut to create the life you really want with surprising ease. Grow your confidence, awaken your core needs – and realise your dreams. 

‘Tapping allows us to safely and quickly shift trapped energy in our bodies, stored over many years of memories – and it’s natural. It’s energy. Energy needs to flow, move, shift and release, all day long’. Poppy Delbridge

By learning to Rapid Tap with Poppy’s easy-to-follow guide you will be able to:

+ Achieve your ultimate vision for your life

+ Master manifestation

+ Awaken your confidence and self-belief

 + Achieve your goals quickly and with renewed energy and positivity

+ Let go of old patterns + beliefs that are not serving you

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