With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many will be eager to know how to improve their chances of a successful date.

But sending out the right signals and increasing attraction all starts with your hair.

Here’s my ultimate guide on how to use and style your hair to help you get ahead this Valentine’s Day.

Get to know your hair’s love language

It turns out you don’t even have to talk to speak volumes.

How you touch your hair can send out a lot of subconscious messages to your date, so you want to make sure you’re not sending out the wrong signals…

Hair flipping

The exaggerated hair flip, often seen in early 2000s romcoms and shampoo adverts, is more myth than a guaranteed signal of attraction.

However, some experts believe a flirtatious hair flip has more to do with releasing pheromones than showing off your locks.

Moving and touching your hair not only allows your date to catch a whiff of your best-smelling conditioner but doing so also releases pheromones – chemical signals that induce a response in other individuals, such as sexual attraction.

Hair flipping also signals confidence and openness, so be bold and keep flipping.

Hair twirling

While most hair touching is perceived as a sign of attraction, hair twirling can be perceived to be good or bad.

Deliberately twirling hair away from the face is more likely to be open, flirtatious behaviour but, if you’re doing so to hide part of your face or compulsively touch it, this is a sure sign that you’re feeling more anxious than playful.

That’s because hair twirling has been linked to anxiety and is commonly used to self-soothe when stressed.

Plus, hair twirling can also indicate boredom, so if you catch yourself daydreaming with your hair in hand, it may be time to call a taxi.

Tucking behind the ears

While you may simply be moving an irritating strand of hair out of your face, body language experts have revealed that tucking your hair behind your ears means you’re attracted or interested.

If you have your hair up, subtly showing off your neck, a known erogenous zone, is a visceral response linked to submissiveness.

And here’s some styles to spark romance…

It’s always nice to make an effort, and it’s no different when it comes to your hair.

But which styles are proven to be the favourites among successful daters?

Side swept hair

A classic romantic style, pinning your hair to one side not only draws attention to an exposed neck but also helps elongate the face, creating a subtle slimming effect.

Use bobby pins and plenty of hair spray to keep hair resting on one shoulder. And, if you need extra length, consider investing in some clip-in hair extensions.

Half updo

Perfect for almost every hair type, the half updo is versatile and timeless.

Tie your hair into a bun or incorporate braids for more detail and interest, or, for more casual dates, use a claw clip and loosely pin up the top layer of your hair.

Loose and wavy

According to a study, women who wear their long hair down with waves have the most success on Hinge and Tinder.

It’s believed that taking the time to care for and style long tresses signifies ‘good financial status, self-respect, and concern for overall health and wellbeing.’

Plus, curling your hair will give you more volume and texture, so choose a wide barrelled curling iron to create loose curls, or try out TikTok’s famous dressing gown trick to save any heat damage.

By Alice Dawkins, Hair Expert for Milk + Blush

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