For some of us, the perfect weekend starts with a morning spin class or yoga with a friend, followed by a well-earnt flat white and tasty avo’ on toast somewhere…

But, whilst we may want to make it known that we held back on that second (ok, third) glass of wine on Friday night and actually made it out the house before 10am, sitting in the same kit you just worked out in probably isn’t the most sanitary decision (especially in warmer weather)!

Dermatologist Dr Sonakshi Khorana, reveals the truth about what it’s doing to our bodies and what we should be doing just after we’ve sweat…

THE SECRETS BEHIND SWEAT – Faace Sweaty Face Mask, £24

Used as an overnight mask, under primer if you’re oil prone or for a quick treatment, this mask keeps pores unclogged, loads the skin with Vitamin C and antioxidants; helps fight blemishes and gives overworked skin a much-needed refresh. Better yet, if you’re looking to calm flushed, red cheeks from the heat – this should be your go-to. Available at

THE SECRETS BEHIND SWEAT – Wild Science Lab Clarify & Hydrate, £29 (250ml) or £6 each (30ml)

Irritation, redness and flaking can be triggered by a sweaty scalp, leading to a cycle of itching and frustration. Restore calm, soothe and clarify the scalp with Wild Science Lab’s Clarify & Hydrate duo – formulated to tackle an oily scalp and dandruff. Featuring 100% natural, bio-based actives. Available at

THE SECRETS BEHIND SWEAT – Miller Harris Etui Noir Soap, £20

Etui Noir is rich and uncompromising soap giving your skin the deep clean it needs thanks to the added charcoal – it can also be used as a shaving soap! The natural Etui Noir Soap combines British rapeseed oil with coconut oil, organic shea butter, glycerin and vitamin E to leave the skin cleansed and moisturised. Available at

THE SECRETS BEHIND SWEAT – fiils Coconut Hand & Body Lotion (£12) 

To help rehydrate your skin after a sweaty workout, the fiils Coconut Hand & Body Lotion is made with 99% natural and organic ingredients, to soothe your skin, infuse it with moisture and nourish your senses. Simply apply a generous amount all over your body and enjoy a few moments of well-earned calm as you massage it into your skin. Available from

THE SECRETS BEHIND SWEAT – Peep Club Instant Relief Spray (£17 / 17ml) (approx. 300 doses)

Using a preservative-free eye spray or eye drop at the end of your workout can also help to wash away anything that has entered your eyes during your workout safely and quickly. The Peep Club Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray has been formulated with Wild Harvested Colourless Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate. These dual-active ingredients work in tandem to hydrate eyes on both the inside and the outside. Available from

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