With the new year brings a fresh start, and a chance to renew our routines and goals. Whether your January intention is to start hitting the gym, or to pick up a Pilates class, your skin will react in the same way when you’re moving your muscles.

A pinky-reddish hue, make-up smudges (if you’re wearing any) and that general sweat-induced stickiness that comes from feeling the burn. This is why it’s crucial you’re caring for your complexion correctly, to stop those sweaty skin side effects sacrificing your skin. 

So, whether you plan to head out on a wrapped-up warm winter hike, or go for a sweaty HIIT session, these post-workout wonders will keep your complexion in peak condition, whatever your workout style…


skincare for working out

Work out done, cool down done. Time to reach for a face wash that will work as hard as you did in your workout. Wild Science Lab Happy Days Cleansing Foam is a refreshing, daily cleanser formulated to help skin that is prone to breakouts and keep on top of effectively removing make-up and daily impurities, like sweat. Created with plant-derived AHAs and BHAs to gently exfoliate and cleanse pores from the inside out, it offers a thorough cleanse without drying out the skin, stripping it, or irritating its delicate barrier. Perfect for a post-workout wash! 

Wild Science Lab Happy Days Cleansing Foam is available from wildsciencelab.com Price £20 125ml 


skincare for working out

Wash over, next it’s time to apply the Sweaty Faace leave-on mask. Fine to leave on as a primer if you’re re-applying your makeup, or even overnight if you’re going straight home to bed.  The citrussy formula contains astringent ingredients to target spots and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate – it’s like Lucozade for your face – ready to pep you up and inject some energy back into your skin when it’s feeling depleted. 

Sweaty Faace is available from wearefaace.com Price £27 100ml 


skincare for working out

Follow up with controlling your complexation, with the Dr Organic Skin Clear 5 in 1 Oil Control Moisturiser. Rich in natural AHAs (fruit acids) which help increase the rate of cell renewal in the skin, just what we need to protect our skin, plus gain that post-workout glow. This moisturiser packs a punch with proven active calming ingredients such as Willow Bar Extract, perfect for restoring skin balance after any workout, big or small.  

Dr Organic Skin Clear Oil Control Moisturiser is available from drorganic.co.uk Price £6.99 50ml

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