Whether it’s busy work schedules or hectic family life, sometimes it can feel like we need a reset button.

With World Wellbeing Week taking place from 27th June to 1st July, celebrating the many aspects of wellbeing, never has  self-care been so important.

Taking time to practice self-care, whether it’s a deep face cleanse or a long relaxing bath, can do the world of good for your mental health. So, here are our suggestions for treating mind, body and soul.


Set the mood for a moment of self-care with the Tisserand Aromatherapy Real Calm Discovery Kit – £16.00 (2 x 9ml & 1 x 10ml) Tisserand Aromatherapy are dedicated to promoting the natural power of essential oils to elevate your wellbeing.  This compact kit is comprised of a Massage & Body Oil, Moodfix Mist and Roller Ball all in the Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli blend. On average, 97% of users found it easier to feel calm upon using the oils, with 96% feeling calmer immediately after use and 93% stating the oils encouraged them to take a moment for themselves.


Or make it a moment of ‘me-time’ wherever you are with the Alexandra Kay Time to Inhale Handheld Diffuser – £20.00.  A handheld essential oil diffuser that’s discreet and convenient for travel to top-up self-care when away from home or to spread scents throughout the home.  Easily charged using a USB cable, it emits a fine fresh mist of oil blend at the touch of a button. Just add three drops of your favourite essential oil blend and top up with water. Delivers 8-10 cycles of 60 seconds’ scent diffusion when fully charged. To learn more about these essential oil diffusers, visit Revive.



Soothe and refresh tired, irritated eyes with the Peep Club Hydrating Portable Humidifier – £55.00. With its moisture-replacing mist action, compact size and cable-free design, the Peep Club Hydrating Portable Humidifier is ready to rehydrate and subsequently soothe irritated eyes. It works by naturally re-establishing a healthier environment for your eyes by replacing lost moisture into the air around them. Top tip would be to place this handy hydrator on your bedtime table. When used overnight, your eyes – even when closed – soak up the benefits of this continuous rehydration and it’s a sure way to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.



There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a soak in the bath with an indulgent face mask. Treat yourself to a skin-glowing treat with the Tired Faace Mask – £27.00 (100ml) from cult beauty brand faace. Formulated with caffeine and vitamin C to perk up skin and soothe inflammation, this gently exfoliating mask offers a whole lot of hydration. Aloe Vera helps to retain moisture and speed up healing while vegetable glycerin works to draw in water from the air and lock it into the skin’s outer layer. 


Lift your mood and create a moment of calm with a scent that transports you to a world of serenity. The Miller Harris Rêverie de Bergamote Eau de Parfum – £115.00 (100ml) has been created by perfume Emilie Bouge using a high natural concentration of bergamot from the Calabria region. Natural tangerine brings a bright energetic opening that fuses effortlessly with a medley of natural aromatic herbs and woods in a unique and noted journey of an unfortgettable scent.  The perfumer adds intrigue with the use of an earthy and elegant vetiver which balances everything in a memory of blissful mornings of reverie, surrounded by light and shadows, music and words.  



Take your hair to its happy place with Faith in Nature Hair Masks – £7.99 (300ml) which can be used as a regular 3-minute conditioner for quick morning showers or more intensive 20 minute treatment for when you’re treating yourself to some me-time. From Shea & Argan to Rose & Chamomile, these 99% natural hair masks are packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging and are Vegan Society Approved. Apply to the hair, lie back in a warm bath and relax. Or try the Wild Science Lab Root Therapy Strengthening Treatment Mask – £29.00 (200ml) a hydrating, strengthening hair mask which helps to encourage healthy hair growth, softer and fortified hair whilst repairing hair breakage and breathing life back into weak, brittle hair. A damage- recovery treatment with Organic Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Organic Hemp Seed Oil, this hair mask can help treat damaged, dry hair whilst cocooning the scalp in a calming blend of 96.3% naturally derived ingredients. Vegan & cruelty free.


Bath & Body

Relax and unwind with a soothing aromatic bath using the Dr Organic Rose Otto Daily Bath & Shower Gel – £6.49 (250ml). Pure organic Rose Otto Oil is an aromatic essential oil, acclaimed through the ages for its use in natural beauty.  By combining this precious oil with a blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients, Dr Organic have created an aromatic, soothing bath and body experience leaving the senses enlightened and the body and skin balanced as one.


Bring some sunny tropical vibes to your bathroom with the Fiils Hand & Body Lotion.  Available in two spirit boosting scents, Lemongrass and Coconut, these are a real treat for rough and dry skin. Combining pure essential oils that comfort and cocoon, you won’t find any added parabens, sulphates or artificial fragrances here.  Stylish, sustainable, easy and affordable, Fiils refill pouches (400ml) are from £9.60 when you subscribe, or £12 for a one-off purchase.



A good night’s sleep is one of the best self-care practices you can give yourself. Discover the calming powers of the Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better Pillow Mist – £12.00 (100ml) perfect for minds that struggle to switch off at bedtime. This dreamy blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of soothing Lavender, warming Sandalwood and calming Jasmine. Spray into the air, around the body and onto pillows and bed linen, to help relax and prepare for a blissful night’s sleep. 


Struggling to sleep try the Alexandra Kay Time To Sleep Essential Oil Blend – £20.00 (10ml).  This calming, evening blend of pure essential oils is designed to prepare you for a restful sleep. Comprised of seven expertly blended, pure and 100% natural essential oils, it features sleep-inducing Lavender, Bergamot and Frankincense. Whether used to vaporise, inhale, used in the bath or mixed with a carrier oil for a dreamy massage, this blend will help calm the mind and help you to drift off naturally.  Use in the Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Ceramic Diffuser – £75.00.  An elegant addition to any home, this ceramic diffuser emits a fresh, fine mist of essential oil blend at the touch of a button. Heatless ultrasonic vibrations preserve the therapeutic properties of essential oils, while the added LED light gently glows to add ambience to any room. This diffuser also features an automatic safety switch-off setting, so you can drift into a deep slumber without any worry. 


Or try the award-winning Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks by Sensory Retreats – £3.95 (single mask) or £21 (box of 7) that work to help you completely unwind all while drifting off into a relaxing slumber.  Simply open your Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask sachet and take out your mask, place it over your eyes and the heat will automatically start to activate delivering a soothing sensory sensation. These lavender sleep masks are perfect for those who have trouble sleeping or want to enjoy a pampering home spa experience. 


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