hapi patch is the trailblazing UK brand revolutionising personal health care. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge transdermal technology, hapi patch offers tailored wellness solutions though innovative, natural and hassle-free wellness patches you stick straight to your skin.

Inspired by the personal health journey of female founder, Lorraine Clark, hapi patch makes the transformative power of transdermal patches available to all, helping to target a wide range of health, beauty, and wellness concerns.

Delivering active ingredients and essential vitamins directly into the bloodstream, through its range of all natural, fully organic and biodegradable patches, hapi patch has created a range of pioneering transdermal patches that are absolute game-changers in the wellness world.

Made in the UK, each patch in the vegan and cruelty-free range has been designed to meet specific wellness needs in the safest, most efficient and convenient way possible.

From vitamin patches to boost your energy or help you sleep, to science-backed patches to give your skin the ultimate glow up, hapi patch is changing the face of at-home wellness and health care.

Get ready to embrace a healthier, more vibrant life, one patch at a time.

The hapi patch dream team

Glow Up Copper Peptide Patches – Skin & Hair, £11.99

Glow Up with hapi patch’s best-selling revolution. From helping treat acne and rosacea to tackling fine lines and a dull complexion, these patches are the skincare superhero you’ve been waiting for, and the before and after photos show just why. Infused with the pioneering power of Copper Peptide, clinically proven to boost your own collagen and visibly transform your skin and hair, these genius patches offer round-the-clock radiance with zero effort.

Wellness Patches

Hormone Balance Natural Patches, £29.99

A natural HRT replacement? Yes please. Delivering a steady release of natural ingredients over a 24-hour period, these life-saving patches help to re-balance your hormones and provide relief from hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings related to menopause, PMS or PMDD. The absolute go-to for navigating hormonal changes the natural way.

‘Workin 9 to 5’ Focus & Mood Boosting Patch, £25.99

Struggling to concentrate at work or struggling for motivation to get the household jobs done? This specially formulated mood-boosting patch including Gingko Biloba, Magnesium L Threonate and more, helps to sharpen focus, enhance concentration and provide emotional balance when you need it the most. Perfect for hard-working students and hard-working new mums alike.

Wellness Patches

After Party Hangover Patches, £12.99

Wake up fresh faced, no matter how much partying went on the night before, with these life-saving hangover patches. Stick on a patch before you go to bed and wake up without the sore head, thanks to the slow release of powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, and NAC essential nutrients. Proven to aid hangovers, these easy-to-use patches are your secret weapon the morning after a big night out.

Passion Patch, £9.99

Give your libido a helping hand with the Passion patch from hapi patch. This innovative transdermal patch for both men and women harnesses the power of natural aphrodisiacs like Ginseng Extract, Siberian Ginseng Extract and Damiana Extract, to enhance desire and naturally boost your libido in a discreet and safe way.

Easee Sleep Patches, £12.99

Unlock the secret to a great night’s sleep with the Easee Sleep patch from hapi patch. Infused with natural sleep aids including Valerian Root, Passionflower and Hop Extracts, these transdermal patches are designed to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and well rested the next morning.

Wellness Patches

Energy Boost Patches, £12.99

Get ready to power up your day with these all natural, chemical-free energy boost patches, perfect for instant rejuvenation. If energy reserves are feeling low, these potent vitamin-packed patches will give you the day-long energy surge you need to stay focussed and raring to go.

Wellness Patches

Boost & Burn Weight Management Patches, £39.99

Offering a natural approach to weight management, these clever patches help to reduce cravings, burn fat and boost your metabolism, all while fuelling your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs for physical and mental vitality, so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

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