Brits who ditched booze as part of dry January are being told they’ll notice improvements in their skin and mood after a month of no alcohol. 

The experts at Goal Plans powered by have revealed how a month’s break from alcohol benefits the mind and body. 

According to data, 8.5 million Britons were planning on taking a break from booze this January. 

The positive effects people should experience include improved mental health, stomach issues and blood pressure. 

​​Personal trainer Jess Suthard from Goal Plans powered by said: “Dry January is a great way to cut down on spending and quit alcohol. 

“Aside from ditching the dreaded hangovers, those taking part will have a chance to examine their relationship with alcohol and assess the benefits of cutting it out for good. 

“The post-Christmas tradition has many proven benefits and people should see real changes after just a month sober.  

“Some benefits are immediate, such as better sleep, but those quitting alcohol for a month may also experience heightened energy levels, weight loss and better skin.”

The benefits of giving up alcohol for a month:

1.         Sleep

There is strong evidence that people who give up alcohol will see improvements in their sleep quality, which will make people feel more rested and full of energy. 

2.         Weight loss

Alcohol has high calories, and most Dry January participants report weight loss, which helps people maintain and reach a healthier weight. 

3. Blood pressure 

After a month of not drinking blood pressure will start to reduce. This reduces the risk of heart problems, and strokes, as well as improves vision and kidney health.

4. Liver function 

It only takes four weeks of no alcohol to improve liver function, which plays a role in over 500 vital processes, including helping to fight infection, maintain hormone function and storing minerals and vitamins.

5. Skin

Skin hydration levels will improve because more water is absorbed by the body. This makes the skin more hydrated and reduces conditions like dandruff and eczema.

6. Stomach

Acid reflux and indigestion are conditions participants can expect to ease because alcohol irritates the digestive system by producing more acid than usual. 

7. Mood

Alcohol is a depressant and can cause havoc on the chemical effects of the brain. After a month off the drink, your mood should improve and the risks of developing depression should decrease. 

To find out more about what happens to the body when you stop drinking, visit: 

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