From savvy skincare swaps to ways to show our bodies that extra bit of TLC (cue Bodyslugging, aka Tiktok’s new favourite K-beauty trend), we’ve rounded up some top routine tweaks to help you get geared up for winter. 

Cold Weather Beauty Products – Cold-proof cleansing 

Cue creamy cleansers to help take the day off without stripping your skin’s barrier to ensure you preserve your complexion’s natural oils when the temperature drops. 

A top pick? Dull Faace (£27, 100ml) is a trusty multi-tasker with a clever cocktail of hydrating oils, complexion brighteners and breakout-banishing ingredients. 

If you’re feeling a little flakey, an exfoliator can help you buff away the dryness and get your skin ready to absorb all the hydration you introduce later in your routine. 

Experts recommend you opt for a chemical exfoliator, rather than a physical one (scrub-free zone!), so why not try the Wild Science Lab Happy Skin Clarifying Essence (£25, 110ml)? This easy-to-absorb, clinically-proven liquid exfoliant is formulated with AHA and BHA to smooth, and refine and is particularly effective at balancing acne-prone skin. 

Cold Weather Beauty Products – Pump up the moisture

Water-based formulas and oil-free options can still provide you with that much-needed hydration during the colder months. Niacinamide is a great one to look for when checking ingredient lists: this hard-working skincare hero soothes your skin whilst regulating oil production. 

Alternatively, high-quality botanical ingredients can work a treat to repair dry skin; why not try the Tisserand Aromatherapy Skin Rescue Face & Body Cream (£15, 100ml), featuring moisture-retaining ingredients Calendula and Jojoba that work to rescue and soothe dry skin.

Cold Weather Beauty Products – From the neck down 

Dermatologists emphasize the importance of making sure we moisturise our bodies daily. The INJECTUAL Intelligent Face & Body Cream (£99.95, 200ml) contains hardworking actives typically found only in skincare reserved for the face. Lactic acid encourages collagen synthesis, Retinol helps to improve skin tone, whilst vitamin E, B5 and tara seed extract work their way into the deeper layers of the skin to maintain moisture levels. 

Or for a naturally-derived alternative, the Faith In Nature Coconut & Shea Hand and Body Lotion (£5.79, 400ml) nourishes the body and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

If you’re looking for a more intense hydration session, you can turn to Tiktok’s favourite skincare trend: cue body slugging. Initially, a face-only situation, slugging implies layering one occlusive product (like vaseline) over your moisturiser to lock in hydration

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