We know that our digestive health, specifically the versatility of our gut microbiome, has a profound impact on the health of the biggest organ in the body, our skin.

There is constant communication taking place via the gut-skin axis, so poor gut health can result in a weakened skin barrier resulting in dry, dull and inflamed skin, especially during cold, dry, winter months.

Emerging evidence around the gut-skin axis indicates that the gut and skin microbiome could be manipulated to treat skin conditions such as eczema and substantial data has shown that eczema patients lack microbial diversity in their skin composition. 

Research suggests that one of the best ways to support our skin barrier is through the supplementation of high purity amino acids as part of a dermatologically researched supplement, such as Pellamex. Offering an alternative way to help strengthen the barrier, its unique, patented formula contains the active ingredient, l-histidine, a high-purity amino acid that works with the skin’s biology to strengthen and restore the barrier. It also acts as a building block for the key skin barrier protein filaggrin, which plays a vital role in maintaining a strong skin barrier. It works by locking in moisture from within to block out allergens, irritants, and pollutants, acting as our first line of skincare defence in winter. 

Your Skin Barrier

A healthy skin barrier is of paramount importance when it comes to the treatment of a number of skin-related diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Pellamex is a ground-breaking new supplement for dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin, helping to maintain and restore a healthy skin barrier. Unlike creams and lotions, this smart supplement targets the entire skin area, resulting in a healthy skin barrier across the whole body. 

“A compromised barrier both in the gut and in the skin have been linked to altered immune responses that can lead to chronic diseases”, explains Nutritional Therapist, Marilia Chamon. The barriers to both the gut and the skin work to absorb important nutrients and block out unwanted substances. 

“The gut and the skin share many similarities, and both have a diverse microbiome that is responsible for shaping the immune system, protecting against pathogens and maintaining a healthy barrier”. When it comes to the gut, evidence has shown that damage to the intestinal lining affects its functionality, due to increased permeability (leaky gut) and the same can be said for a weakened skin barrier leading to ‘leaky skin’, making us more vulnerable to infections, diseases, and allergens. 

It’s never been easier to take back control and transform your skin with inside-out hydration. The daily 25ml dose comes in a portable sachet, which you can take on the go or dissolve into some water for a refreshing drink. After just 30 days you can expect to strengthen your skin and notice healthier, stronger, and more hydrated skin. 

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