The season is almost upon us. Christmas has come around so quickly that many are already starting to think about how they can make the 2022 festive season one to remember.

And preparing early pays dividends. With these 3 helpful tips to begin planning for Christmas, you can ensure you’re not stressed and rushing to finish stuff in the final festive run-up.

Create a budget

It’s no secret that Christmas can cost a pretty penny. From cards and presents to nights out with friends, the festive season can sometimes feel a little overwhelming when looking at your purse strings. That’s why creating a Christmas budget can make sure you’re able to shop with confidence and get everything you want for your family and friends without leaving yourself out of pocket.

Get your presents beforehand

While Christmas isn’t all about gifts, one of the most rewarding parts of the festive season is seeing the excitement on your loved ones’ faces when you hand them a present. Shopping for presents beforehand and making a list throughout the year whenever someone mentions something they love will make sure you truly deliver them a gift they’ll treasure forever. That jumper that they’d been eyeing up in-store? Or those diamond earrings they’ve always dreamed of? By creating a list of ideas, you always have a backup if your original gift idea is no longer in stock. 

Plan the big day (in detail!)

Ensure you’re not left short on the big day by planning it well ahead of time. Knowing who will be at your home, or where you’ll be travelling can help you make the necessary plans for travel, food, drinks and entertainment when the 25th does roll around. Some important things to get a hold of at least 4 weeks before Christmas day are:

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: Take advantage of these two massive sales shopping events to get the presents on your list at a discounted price. It’s also a great time to grab any last-minute Christmas bits like decorations, gingerbread house-making kits, or advent calendars. 
  1. Stock up on batteries: You don’t want to be stuck short of batteries on the big day – especially if you’ve invited children over who probably would have got some new (battery-operated) toys from Santa! Even if you’re positive you won’t need them – it’s still worthwhile picking yourself up a pack of double A’s.
  1. Pencil in some downtime: It can be easy to get swept off your feet around this time, so make sure to set out some time to relax near the end of November so you can make it to Christmas day in one piece!

This year’s festive season doesn’t have to be stressful with these 3 useful tips for planning the big day and making Christmas 2022 truly one to remember!

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