A bedroom is a place to slumber, sleep and relax on your days off. Or, if you work from home, it may be a place where you do some of your work.

As it is rarely seen by guests, it can (and does) often become a room that is somewhat forgotten, meaning it is usually just functional for what it is. While that is OK for some homeowners and renters, for others, it can be a bit of a drag, as you may want your bedroom space to be striking but may be stuck as to where to begin. 

So, what are some of the best ways you can make your bedroom boom with character while also being stylish and having a pleasing aesthetic? Here’s a quick guide!

Having Wardrobes Fitted

Wardrobes are seen by many as simply storage units for clothes and other items. 

However, there are 2 ways you can make this necessity look great in your bedroom; either have a fitted walk-in wardrobe or look into fitted wardrobes as an option. Wardrobes that are fitted to the shape of your bedroom add an instant touch of class that is also great to look at while also being functional. Plus, if you are tight on space, it can create more room! 


Since the invention of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wires have become less and less common. 

While there are some features of a bedroom that it would be hard to make 100% wireless, like a TV, aim for wireless options whenever you can. Indeed, there are now wireless bedside lamps, wireless radios, and wireless baby monitors. So, if you need any of these things in your bedroom, and are fed up with the look of wires, opt for a wireless option. Many of them operate on batteries, which can be rechargeable, saving time and money.

4 Poster Bed

Who doesn’t love a 4 poster bed? In 2023, walnut as wood has come back in a big way in bedroom decor. So, a great way to incorporate this would be with a 4 poster bed, which will look elegant and add an amazing focal point to your bedroom. But, if you aren’t a fan of walnut, that’s OK too. There are metal 4 poster beds that will still look stylish.

Add Plants

Plants never go out of style in home decor, and if you place them in your bedroom, they will not only look pretty, but they will help to clean the air and create an array of interesting features to look at. Of course, if you have pets that have access to your bedroom, like cats, make sure that all of the plants are non-toxic and are out of reach. 


Wireless lighting in the form of wireless bedside lamps has been booming in popularity recently, but so have different kinds of light fittings. So, if your bedroom decor budget can stretch (and it fits the style of the room), why not choose something like a chandelier or recessed lighting? Or, if you have a large room, sconce lighting can be a great way to illuminate all corners and recesses.

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