After a summer of socialising, it’s only natural that we crave warm and cosy spaces when the temperature drops and the light fades.

Lisa Cooper, Head of Product at Thomas Sanderson, shares how to bring more light and life into your home now that the clocks have gone back.

Clean your windows

Cleaning your windows doesn’t typically sit as a priority around the home but you’d be surprised just how much brighter clean windows can make your room look and how much more light will enter the home. Produce your own window cleaning solution, by combining 50% water with 50% vinegar and using a sponge or microfiber cloth, spray it all over the window before wiping in a Z shaped motion. 

Use light colours

Stay away from dark walls and statement wallpaper which will make your room feel much smaller and darker. Instead introduce soft whites and lighter colours which will help light bounce around the room. Remember to stay away from harsh whites as they can often make a room feel clinical and cold whereas off-whites will create a much warmer effect. 

natural light

Rearrange your furniture

Depending on the layout of your room, the amount of light flooding in can be compromised by large furniture and bad placement. Try rearranging your furniture to optimise how much light can access the room. For instance, try to move any furniture that’s blocking windows or glass doors, as this will be altering the natural brightness of your space. 

Add mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light around your room. If you place them on a wall adjacent to a window or glass door, it will bounce the light straight around the room whilst also tricking the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is! 

Use adaptable window furnishings

Sheer blinds and curtains are perfect for the winter months as they allow you to control your privacy whilst still letting light into your home. They are especially great during the harsher sun as they soften the light and cool the room down.

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