There shouldn’t be a titanic tug-of-war when you open the sliding door to your backyard patio. There are various reasons why patio sliding doors become stuck, but one of the most frequent causes is a dirty or clogged track. But don’t worry; it’s not necessary to fix or replace the door if the sliding door track becomes stuck. Your patio door tracks might only require deep cleaning to function properly once more. Consider how dusty the region is if it has been a while since you had your house cleaning in Los Angeles. A little filth and grime may be removed with simple washing with soap and water. Use something more abrasive, such as vinegar and baking soda, for thorough cleanings.

Here are the 9 steps to follow:

Clean Up Loose Debris using Vacuum
Before you begin with your housekeeping routine, bring out your portable vacuum or the slim attachment for your standard vacuum. Clean up any loose dirt by first cleaning the area surrounding the stationary side of your door as well as the open part of the track. Dust, gravel, and other outside debris can quickly accumulate over time, so make sure to vacuum both sides of the fixed door. Before deep cleaning the track with your favorite solution, vacuuming the track is the most effective approach to remove the bigger loose particles


Begin with Soap and Water
Use a sponge dampened with water and dish soap to clean the interior and exterior of your track before you proceed to apply abrasive cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. Even the sponge’s inside can be scored to ensure that it fits precisely over the various tracks and into the confined spaces. Don’t forget to enter the track on the other side from where you are stationary. This might be all you need to do before moving on to step eight if your tracks are fairly clean.

Dry It Off
Before applying extra cleaning solution or using the silicone lubricant, let the area completely dry. Determining whether you require a deep cleaning at this time is also a smart idea. Check the door track while it dries to see if there are any stains or recalcitrant grime patches that you missed.

Use Baking Soda to Dust
No need to worry if you see some extremely filthy regions that are still present. Just use a more powerful cleaner to attack such stains. Harder-to-reach filth can be removed by covering it with vinegar-baking soda solution. To begin, sprinkle a little coating of baking soda inside the door’s track on both sides.


Spray with Vinegar Solution
Next, put white vinegar and water in a clean spray container in equal parts to make a deep cleaning cleaner. Spray a small coating of solution on the baking soda, then wait for about a minute as the reaction takes place. At the spot where you sprayed, you’ll notice some white fizzing activity. Any tenacious dirt lurking in the track and under the fixed door will be dislodged by these bubbles.

Scrub It Thoroughly
Once the baking soda and vinegar have exposed the little, unclean spots, use your sponge or a toothbrush to clean them up. If you are so inclined, you may also clean the closing and locking mechanisms as well as the dirt on the door’s base using the tiny toothbrush bristles. This phase should be completed carefully because it’s simple to overlook a few places. Scrub well, then repeat the process in tough places.

Rinse & Dry

The rinse is the rewarding phase that follows. To get the cleaning solution off the track and door, rinse them with cold, clean water. To let it completely air dry, keep your door open. Dry the water off with your towel, then blot up any puddles that may have formed around the entrance.

Use a silicone lubricant to mist
The silicone lubricants sold exclusively for sliding glass door tracks come from a variety of companies. Read the directions carefully to determine which kind is ideal given the construction and material of your door. To ensure safe use, the lubricant application instructions are also included on the bottle.

Examine the door
Observe if the door snags anywhere when you slide it back and forth across the freshly cleaned door. You should be able to see any larger obstructions on a clear track, and doing so can motivate you to also clean your sliding glass doors.

sliding door

If you wanted to start house cleaning in Sacramento, these 9 steps in maintaining and cleaning a sliding door track are easy to follow. It simply requires approximately 30 minutes of hard work and another 30 minutes of preparation to find almost everything you need in the pantry or under the sink. But you may alternatively contact a professional cleaner if you don’t have the luxury of time and the door needs deep cleaning and repair.


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