A candle celebrating each month of the year Loriest & Co, the luxury candle brand made in and inspired by each month on the British Isles 

“Let the scent unfold… month by month… moment by moment…”

Loriest & Co is pleased to announce that the full range of their 12 beautiful candles celebrating each month of the year is now available. Each candle delicately harnesses the seasons of the British Isles and the vibrant and expressive memories formed from the natural olfactory world.

Launched in 2022, Loriest & Co was founded by beauty industry expert Anna Jackson to celebrate each month on the archipelago. With all 12 candles available, you can enjoy the complete collection, harnessing the emotive memories formed from the nature of the ever-changing seasons experienced in the British Isles.

From notes of thyme and viburnum in January, to the sweetness of peony in May, the earthy aroma of tomato vines in July and the mingling of eucalyptus and bay in December. Anna has conceived and curated each month’s fragrance to imbue a sense of well-being, encourage moments of reflection, and inspire new memories to unfold.

Loriest & Co is 100% vegan and sources each element of its candles from suppliers in the British Isles, chosen for their meaningful commitment to quality, transparency, and ethical practices. Its candle wax is a carefully formulated blend of soy, rapeseed, and coconut to ensure that each candle is clean burning, soot free, sustainable and biodegradable.

Further celebrating every aspect of the natural world on the British Isles, storytelling is at the core of the Loriest & Co philosophy. In the Loriest & Co Notebook, which can be found at Loriest.com, Anna collaborates with fellow independent businesses around the UK to celebrate seasonal specialities through interviews, literary recommendations, allotment-garden recipes, and more.
“Loriest & Co is a celebration of every month on the British Isles,
fusing the tangible with the intangible; its evocative aromas, its ever-changing landscape and its special hidden corners”

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