We commonly hear about the many wondrous benefits having plants in our lives will bring us, and biophilic design is set to be a key trend for 2022, but biophilic interior design expands this idea much further, helping humans to reap the advantages of nature in even the most concrete of jungles.

But what is biophilia? And what exactly are the benefits of biophilic interior design? Biophilic interior design is the use of nature to decorate and style living spaces, guided by the notion that humans have an evolutionary need to be in or near the natural world. The word ‘biophilia’ means the innate human affinity with nature. 

Biophilic interior design should focus on and incorporate natural light and ventilation, as well as natural colour schemes and plants. The use of natural materials is important, as is the inclusion of natural geometries and patterns that you find in the natural world. 

What are the benefits of biophilic interior design? The benefits of biophilic design go well beyond just looking pretty!

1. Feel happierBeing around nature increases pleasant feelings. Spending time in and around nature gives us a more cheerful outlook and nourishes a more positive perspective. By increasing our connection with nature in our homes and workplaces, we create a more harmonious ambience. 

2. Increase your motivationExposure to natural light is proven to boost productivity and increase Vitamin D absorption – the NHS suggests going for walks in the day to experience sunlight as a method of tackling Seasonal Affective Disorder. Studies have also shown that workplaces with more plants increase work productivity, suggesting our proximity to nature can make us more motivated. 

3. Reduce your carbon footprintThe use of natural materials is a much more sustainable approach to interior design and styling and reduces our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals used in lots of materials commonly found in the home. For example, as long as it is responsibly sourced and replaced, wood is carbon negative, making it the perfect biophilic material to use in your home. 

4. Sleep betterThere have been studies into how spending time in nature can help us to sleep better. It seems one of the biggest reasons for this is access to natural light and how that can more naturally align our body clock. We’re often surrounded by artificial light, which can thwart our sleep. As biophilic design is also a great de-stressor, our sleep benefits from a calmer environment, too. 

5. Decrease stressBiophilic design reduces anger, fear and stress. Exposure to thoughtful elements of nature in your living spaces helps you to feel better emotionally as well as reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress-inducing hormones.  It’s clear to see that biophilic design is beneficial in all ways. At The Room Stylist, we love the idea of building a deeper connection with nature and using that connection to style and decorate our living spaces. Our collections include homeware made from natural materials and utilise the biophilic idea of using patterns from nature to create warm, comforting living spaces. 

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